North Dakotans And The NHL Draft

There’s a possibility that either one or two North Dakotans will get picked in this weekend’s NHL draft. So, I attempted to come up with a list of North Dakotans who have been selected in the NHL draft.

My criteria is that they had to play varsity hockey at a North Dakota school, so guys like Paul Gaustad, Tim Jackman and David Tanabe, who were born or spent time in North Dakota growing up, don’t count.

I’ve run the list by a number of people to try to make it as complete as possible. But, as always, I fear that I may have missed someone. So let me know everyone.

Is anyone missing from this list? Or do I have anything wrong here?

North Dakota high school players in the NHL draft

Paul LaDue, GFC, 2012 (6th, 181st, LAK)
Ryan Potulny, RR, 2003 (3rd, 87th, PHI)
Danny Irmen, RR/FN, 2003 (3rd, 78th, MIN)
James Massen, BHS, 2001 (6th, 194th, NJD)
Andy Schneider, RR, 2001 (5th, 156th, PIT)
Grant Potulny, RR, 2000 (5th, 157th, OTT)
Mike Hanson, Minot, 1994 (11th, 269th, NJD)
Mike Peluso, BHS, 1994 (10th, 253rd, CGY)
Brent Brekke, Jamestown, 1991 (9th, 188th, QUE)
Mike Markovich, GFC, 1989 (6th, 121st, PIT)
Chad Johnson, GFC, 1988 (6th, 117th, NJD)
Dave Hanson, GFC, 1984 (4th, 79th, PHI)
Lee Brodeur, GPR, 1984 (4th, 65th, MTL)
Tim Loven, RR, 1982 (11th, 213rd, TOR)
Brian Williams, FN, 1982 (9th, 187th, MTL)
Mark Berge, RR, 1978 (11th, 182nd, PHI)
Dennis Johnson, GFC, 1972, (5th, 74th, DET)

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  1. peter blunt

    Hey Brad- how about all of the NW Minnesota draftees from Roseau, EGF, Warrroad, TRF etc. could you list those names as well?

  2. Yajji

    G. Potulny was a 98 grad… not sure if he took until 2000 to get drafted, but I remeber those guys beating us my entire career!

  3. John J

    Steve Johnson was drafted by Vancouver Canucks 1987 NHL Supplemental Draft.
    How could you forget Steve? was on the 87 championship team and was nominated for Hobey the following year.

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