Gropp Commits To UND

UND has received a commitment from arguably the top 1996-born player out of the BCHL.

Ryan Gropp posted on Twitter that he committed to North Dakota after visiting campus this week.

Gropp also was invited to the Team Canada selection camp, where it will pick its roster for the Ivan Hlinka tournament in Slovakia and the Czech Republic later this summer.

Gropp further bolsters UND’s class of 1996-born players that already includes Nick Schmaltz, Austin Poganski, Chris Wilkie, Shane Gersich, Rhett Gardner and Ryan Mantha.

A full story, including quotes from Gropp, is on the Herald site here.

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  1. brian

    Wow, huge pickup for the coaching staff.
    That UND class of ’96 forwards is going to be STACKED and will be very exciting to watch on campus.

  2. NO OFFENSE Brad, even though I’m 67 yrs old and love the now retired Sioux Logo, you might want to update photo at the top pf your articles to NOT represent the now retired UND IDENTITY.

    Myles Brand, may he NOT rest in peace, was instrumental in this occurring nationwide. ALL things regarding UND MUST move forward. Please update the photo BEFORE some more AZZ PC police not only attack you, but follow up and go after UND for somehow not completing retirement of the the SIOUX logo THX.

    1. redwingz19

      Brad has no association with the university, he is associated with the newspaper and that is merely a picture of a stick salute of a home game. No one could even touch the university for something that has no direct relation to it. Brad doesn’t even refer to us as the Sioux any longer he always says UND, whether it’s an article on here, in the newspaper, or the live blog.

    2. Mike

      Brad always has a picture of the prior year’s team, which last year, they wore the Sioux jerseys. He will update the picture when we’re closer to the season starting with a picture from this year’s team that just finished up.

  3. undhockeyfan

    Leave the picture up! If Steve was a University of North Dakota Fighting SIOUX fan, he would not have commented to begin with that you should take it down. That’s the most foolish comment I have read in a while.

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