Knight Finds Pucks, Readies For Camp

Signing an NHL contract for the first time is usually something a player never forgets.

Unless you’re Corban Knight.

Knight went to his daily workout in Calgary on Friday and was told afterwards that the Flames wanted him to come down and sign (he decided a couple weeks earlier that he would sign once free agency opened). So, he did that. Then, returned home to High River (45-minute drive) to help clean his house, which was wrecked by a flood.

Knight immediately got to work gutting the house and completely forgot to tell his parents that he had signed.

“After a while, I was like ‘Oh yeah, mom, I signed today,'” Knight said with a laugh. “Not exactly how you envision your first day as a professional.”

Knight finished gutting his room (drywall, insulation and everything) on Sunday and was very relieved to find his first UND goal puck and his 100th UND point puck.

“Honestly, those were the things I wanted the most,” Knight said.

Knight also said that his mother had a chance to grab one thing from his room before the water rushed into the home and she picked his Fighting Sioux jerseys. He was happy about that.

Perhaps not surprisingly, when the Knights were finally allowed back in to High River to start cleaning up their home, the UND team captain was there to help. Andrew MacWilliam, who lives in Calgary, drove down to High River. Knight said they put MacWilliam to work right away.

“That was awesome,” said Knight, who stayed with the MacWilliam family after his house was flooded. “We stuck him in the basement and he was throwing things around. It was nice to have a big guy like him down there.”

Knight said there was two feet of water on the main floor in his home. His bedroom is in the basement, and he said it looked like a tornado went through it.

He also said that while in Grand Forks, he saw pictures and heard all about the 1997 flood here and figured that a lot of UND fans have went through the same thing.

Pretty soon, he will start to focus on hockey again. The Flames’ development camp begins this week. Knight will be there for the first time, trying to make some strong first impressions.

When he’s back for the training camp in the fall, his goal will be making the big club.

“They told me I was going to be able to come in and compete right away,” Knight said. “They said it’s up to me and how well I play, but they need depth at center. It’s a perfect situation for me coming out of college, so I’m pretty excited.”

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  1. Go Sioux

    If life in the NHL system doesn’t work out for Corbin after a few years, this is one kid how needs to be recalled to the Sioux Hockey program. He has such character and would make a great addition to the coaching staff.

  2. Torchbearer

    Yes, life is an attitude, isn’t it?! The quotes sound so “Corban”. What a gift that A MacWilliam was able to help “throw things around” 🙂 Wishing strength and courage to ALL who were affected.

  3. whoa!

    Mr. Knight, and Mr. MacWilliam are very lucky to know each other. Great friends and a great story. Best article you’ve wrote Brad. Hope everyone makes a friend like Mr. MacWilliam in their lifetime.

  4. Shaun

    I remember being a senior and them being freshman in ECON101 across the room with me; they never ever were seen without each other.

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