CBS Sports Announces NCHC TV Sked

CBS Sports announced the NCHC television schedule for the upcoming season and UND will be on a league-high six times (four road, two home), beginning with the NCHC opener at Miami on Oct. 18.

CBS Sports games (all Fridays)

Oct. 18 — North Dakota at Miami; Duluth at Colorado College
Nov. 15 — Wisconsin at Miami; Michigan at Nebraska-Omaha
Dec. 6 — North Dakota at Western Michigan
Dec. 13 — Western Michigan at Duluth
Jan. 10 — Colorado College at North Dakota
Jan. 17 — Western Michigan at St. Cloud State
Jan. 24 — North Dakota at Denver
Feb. 7 — Western Michigan at Miami
Feb. 14 — Miami at North Dakota
Feb. 21 — St. Cloud State at Miami; Colorado College at Denver
Feb. 28 — North Dakota at St. Cloud State
March 7 — St. Cloud State at Colorado College

CBS also will do the NCHC’s semifinals and championship games at the Target Center.

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  1. SM

    It is good that CBS Sports is going to show some Sioux games, but it is a far cry from the coverage of all the Sioux home games that were shown on FCS channels. AD Faison should be working on a similar deal with FCS or any other TV channel that would allow national coverage. The Alumni and fans across the country, outside the covered regions will be greatly disappointed with no national coverage of Sioux home games. The more coverage the better. Words for AD Faison… Get a national home games TV coverage deal.

    1. Waterlover

      Anyone else hear that CBS Sports has an exclusive with the NCHC on National Games? If that’s correct I’d expect all local deals to still be in place (Midco, Charter, etc) but no more FCS, NHL Network, etc.

  2. These are all Friday night games, so I guess the good news is we can watch the Molly B Polka Party exclusively on Saturday night. Be interested to know what is going on between 18 Oct-15 Nov and 13 Dec-10 Jan, a nearly two month lapse in NCHC hockey coverage. Will UND be streaming other than these two home games on its Sioux Network, if not saves one 69 dollars a year. How does this CBS offering stack up in relation to what the other hockey conferences have on the air? Thanks.

    1. SWMNSiouxFan

      I would ask that too Brad. Do you know if will be streaming games live? I sure hope so.

        1. SWMNSiouxFan

          Thanks. I’ve been watching games that way for the last few years when I can’t get to GF or an away game. HD will be really nice.

  3. Chicago UND Fan

    This Sucks!!!! From at least 20 games to 6…woohoo. The Athletic Department always talk about that great UND fan following outside of the region, going to be tough to keep that fan base growing without a national TV deal.

  4. archie

    agree, it sucks. exposure is exposure. FCS and CBSSN are on the same sports tier so a person still has to buy the extra sports package to view. I don’t understand why UND would give up the leverage they had gained to have 6 damn games broadcast. Bye Bye viewers from around the country and media exposure from hockey writers around the country that would watch and comment on twitter, etc…

  5. Chicago UND Fan

    FYI…according to the Athletics department, the guy in charge of media is Kyle Doperalski, Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs if anyone wants to call to make a statement about only 6 nationally televised games. Don’t call till next week thou, he is out till May 22nd.

  6. Nashville SiouxFan

    6 games is unacceptable! I’m starting to wish we stayed in the WCHA, at least I could still watch my favorite team play 20 plus times a year. No wonder Notre Dame didn’t want anything to do with this conference. Faison really dropped the ball on this one, I thought the NCHC was supposed to be a step up?

  7. UNO must be smoking, one (1) game covered. Wisconsin and Michigan (B10) tie them for the low sport in NCHC CBS on air exposure. I would assume that there is some kind of league sharing of the money from CBS and it makes no difference if you are ever on the air. I see the UND fan base depreciating around the country as there will be no UND hockey night parties at fans homes or the pubs. If you want to watch hockey, it will probably be Notre Dame, Boston College or Minnesota. If there is no streaming by UND, it would be interesting to know what it does to their subscription base. Easy money now! US fans are stuck with this for this season and nothing can be done. 2014-15 could be a North Dakota Spring šŸ™‚

  8. Time to Kill

    The claim to fame w the new commissioner is that he helped w this TV package, I hope this is not what to expect from him in the future.

    AD Faison should stand up to take the heat on this!

      1. Go Sioux

        He knows no wrath like that of the stubborn and soon to be pissed off Sioux fans we are. Brad, did you welcome him to his new job and then give him a forewarning?

  9. erik

    Where have you so-called great fans been? We have known that this was going to be the case since before Christmas last year. Also do not blame Faison because it was not his fault. This was a league decision. UND had the only real TV dollars. The other teams wanted some money and majority rules. By the way the BTN carries very few hockey games. Hockey has to compete with BB there and loses out. Our real hope is that the stream is better than last year.

    1. NashvilleSiouxFan

      We’ve been here the whole time, this schedule update gives us the perfect venue to voice our frustration with the current tv viewing options. As a result, the NCHC commish is feeling the pressure to find a better solution for UND hockey fans. I will never apologize for being a passionate UND hockey fan!

    2. Chicago Sioux Fan

      We have been complaining about this since they announced CBS sports getting this contract.

      1. erik

        And you still continue to whine? Would you like a nice brie or camembert to go with the whine? If the stream is better than last year big frickin deal.

  10. bill bob

    Faison was the one who created this mess…

    when the two home hames on double header nites I wont even be able to watch on tv in Grand forks….


  11. Sioux Fan3.0

    As a Sioux fan living in St. Paul this definitely irks me to know that these games are no longer broadcasted on the FSN channels or any others. 6 games is unacceptable! It’s not worth buying the cable package to watch these games which I don’t know but am guessing that was part of the reason NBCSN stepped up the NCHC’s plate in the first place so what is this doing for “OUR” team? National exposure… Hmmm. If they have not already jumped on board the North Dakota train I doubt they ever will. Luckily we are spoiled enough to have SiouxSports (webcast) or else I’d just go nuts in the Winter without my weekend dose of green and white hockey!

    1. Corrections

      Holy crap…let’s clean up the many many many errors in the comment above.

      The only games that were broadcast on FSN were the games against Minnesota or the WCHA Final Five tournament…I’m guessing you meant FCS.

      The new national channel for the NCHC is CBSSN, not NBCSN.

      Finally, UND’s streaming thing is called UND Insider, it used to be called SiouXtra or something like that, but you are right, we are spoiled to have a streaming service like this, especially when every home game except for the two national games will be in HD online.

  12. Sioux Fan in St. Cloud

    I’m soon to be the Heartbroken Sioux Fan in Los Angeles. The only time I will get to see college hockey will be on TV, and now the NCHC has limited that option. I can’t express how disappointing this will be, as it is my last connection to home and my alma mater.

    I really want UND to rethink this for lots of reasons, but most selfishly for me and others like me who don’t have the option of getting in the car and driving to a game. College football in the 1970’s and 1980’s tried to limit the number of games on TV to try to increase revenue (i.e., limit supply to drive up the price). They gave up and now almost any game is on TV somewhere and the game is thriving. I hope that college hockey will learn the lesson – more exposure is better financially in the long run than is less exposure.

    Please don’t shut me out and leave me with nothing but the NBA.

  13. How many years is this CBS/NCHC contract in effect? The Commish got a pass for 2013-14. He will get a lot more heat from UND alumni if scheduling improvements are not forthcoming for the 2014-15 season. Hopefully, the tactic is not a late announcement of that seasons TV schedule.

    Brad-While we are at this, what is the status of UND womens hockey on the air? What if anything, has been put out by the WCHA with regard to a schedule for the women? Women’s home games would be streamed over the season is assumed? Hopefully, the ladies can fill some of the CBS void.

    Thanks for all you do with UND and hockey information in general!

  14. northdasotan

    Very disappointing. We knew it was coming but it is still disappointing. If I lived in Grand Forks I would go to the games but that just doesn’t work. How much is it to get the web package to watch all available games? How many games are streamed?

  15. Tom Nelson

    When it was announced that CBS was taking over coverage from Fox College Sports of college hockey, I knew this would be the effect. The disappointment is beyond words. In Tennessee, it’s hard enough to follow UND (shhhh…..The Sioux) as it was. I’ll have to rethink continuing my sports package on DirecTV.

  16. Dan

    6 Friday night games? Congratulations to AD Faison on cutting a great
    deal. It is absolutely amazing he cannot see what a national following
    UND Hockey has from not only alumni but other college hockey fans.

    Thanks AD. I will think hard about writing that check next year.

    1. UND is a member of an 8-team men’s hockey conference. UND’s vote on those conference matters is just that: one vote out of eight.

      I can assure you that Brian Faison is well aware of our dedicated and passionate fan base. Any statement to the contrary is wholly inaccurate.

  17. Does anyone know if UND has done anything to improve their streaming capabilities? It seems very hit and miss if it is working good enough to stream the games. It does suck that it will be harder to watch the games. But the streams are not bad when they work.


  18. Tom

    Any word on cable one picking up the midco broadcasts? Do we need to start lighting up their phones and inboxes?

    1. Sioux

      Agree 100%

      Does anyone have a local (Fargo) email for CableOne. I just submitted an email via their website but seems pretty generic and will probably go to some headquarters office.


    Those of us that commented on this in the beginning were told by UND Media Relations and others to be quiet and wait for “Big Announcements”. We knew that this would not be good for those outside of the MidCo area (ND,SD,MN), and we argued that fact. We were told that the streaming would be better, and it did not improve. HD will be great, but if it continuously buffers and dumps, what good is it. UND Media Relations said they would get the Flash Player issue worked out for those with Apple products, but that did not happen. Good luck using an App like Photon to play the feed. It looks like we are stuck with the garbage they are currently using and I am tired of people saying, “be quiet and wait, there will be big news”. Media Relations needs to push hard at a minimum for the FTA feed to be allowed for home games from MidCo for those who had invested in that years ago. That will not effect their dollars to any significance and actually help those outside of the area. That is just one step to appease the growing issues that they will be seeing. Six games is nothing and a huge, huge loss for UND Hockey. I would hope we would at least see some comment from UND, Media Relations or on up, on this problem for their alums outside of ND,SD, and MN.

    1. No one affiliated with UND Athletics promised anyone “big announcements.” Simply not true.

      What we *have* been saying is that we will continue to seek improvements to our viewing options across ALL platforms. That has not changed and that will not change.

      The broadcast situation we have today may not be the broadcast situation we have by the time the puck drops opening night. Or a year from now. These things evolve, take time and require a little patience.

      Did we promise HD webcasts and enhanced webcast support? Yes, beginning with the upcoming season our home webcasts will be offered in high definition. In light of the shifting TV situation, we have allocated and committed the necessary resources to providing high quality web streams.

      At the end of the day, fans will still have the ability to watch literally every single home game. Every one of them. Plus four road games. Some of these will be on your television screen and yes, some will have to be on your computer screen. You also have the ability to send the HD webcast feed to your flatscreen TV with one cord and one press of a button. In the coming weeks, our website will offer a video tutorial on how to make that conversion for those who are unfamiliar with the process.

      In the meantime, we will continue to do everything within our power to bring more of our games back to national TV. Neither UND, nor the NCHC Commissioner, is ignoring our television situation. Quite the contrary, in fact. But please understand that it is a work in progress.

      1. KSSIOUX

        I am sorry if the phrase “big announcements” was not the exact statement used, but it was stated in those terms on the SiouxSports blog site. Maybe it was in reference to the penalty clock. It is true that the issue with Flash Player and the streaming quality was to be addressed more than a year ago and once again we are told to be patient. The streaming quality of the America One/Big Sky is extremely good for football and is a huge upgrade to what UND is currently using in the hockey broadcasts. Most of us are not technically challenged to hooking up a computer to a television if you have the right connections and click on the correct media source, it is very simple. Unfortunately, if the quality of the webcast is bad, that will make no difference. You also have to understand that since the FCS is no longer available the amount of webcasts will go up exponentially. If Media Relations does not recognize that, it will create another huge problem. The problem will go away when you lose viewers, supporters, and fans which will happen if they cannot access live games. I appreciate your response, but we do get tired of losing quality and coverage of our favorite team and I personally am tired of the, “sit back and wait, it will get better” promises without seeing any results. At least promise to fix the Flash Player issues, and give a time frame.

        1. Yes, of course we anticipate higher web stream traffic.

          Once again:

          “In light of the shifting TV situation, we have allocated and committed the necessary resources to providing high quality web streams.”

      2. Sioux Fan in St. Cloud

        You have the privilege (or I guess sometimes the burden) of working for a widely-followed and well-loved atheletic program. You’ve obviously seen the disappointment of folks who grew very close to the hockey program through your national television deal and who are now feeling as though they’ve been cast aside in favor of a deal that pays money to the University in exchange for the limitation on distribution. At some point I’m sure that resonated with many of the programs in the NCHC that could use the revenue, but it definitely doesn’t do much for those of us on the paying end of the deal – your customers, if you will. Every business has to find a way to monetize its offerings and this deal does that, but I guess the question is at what cost? Does it alienate your customer base in a way that ultimately harms the program to the point where other revenues may be reduced? Does limiting the distribution of your product cause that kid in Texas who used to watch UND hockey games and became a fan to lose interest? Or maybe that teenager in Florida who sees the UND advertisements nearly every Friday and Saturday and who is interested in an Aerospace career no longer gets the message that UND has a wonderful program in that field. Maybe the parent of the kid in Los Angeles who watches UND hockey religiously no longer is willing to buy a UND hockey jersey for the kid at Christmas. No doubt you have a hard job and criticism is never good to hear, but I hope I speak for at least some of the alumni and friends of the University in saying that this decision seems to be a regretful one and any effort of the University to change it would be welcome.

  20. arrow

    WOW! This is a HUGE dissappointment. I havent been “following” the TV talk lately and have to say this is a big step backwords. I always thought UND hockey was one of the premier programs in the nation, how can that be when the “nation” cant even get the games on TV? Web streaming??? That’s fine if you have access to high speed service through a fiber optic cable, anyone living in the country is plain screwed with that! We get to stream something that looks like a 1920’s silent movie. Being forced to give up being a UND hockey fan sucks…..

    1. Jason G.

      Your lack of support won’t be missed.

      Wasn’t that many years ago that the only way to see the games was to be at them.

      What spoiled brats we’ve become.

      1. arrow

        That’s where you and UND are wrong, my, and countless others’ support, WILL be missed. Spoiled are the ones who live close enough and can afford to attend every game. I won’t apologize for wanting to watch and support UND hockey, I’ll just listen on the radio……..again, like 1920.

      2. Whistler

        It’s very clear that we’re going backwards in this deal.

        You shouldn’t attack someone who’s frustrated that they won’t be able to watch the games because of the lousy deal Faison agreed to.

  21. Sioux Fan

    The sad part of this whole thing is this…For those of us who grew up in GF watching the Sioux in the early years, we recognize where this program has gone since those years. We are not talking about a small college hockey program, but rather the most watched and most attended program in the country. Moving forward without a solid broadcast plan is detrimental to the program and quite franking it is an insult to the work that many people have put into the program to make it what it is. They need to get something done and do it now.

  22. ralph

    remember it was not that long ago the only games to get on tv were a few on wdaz and the gopher games. hopefully cbs sports will recognize the popularity of college hockey and expand programming in the future. now to get my small cable company in western nd to add cbs sports channel.

  23. Nebsioux

    Do UND fans really not have Internet access? For those of us living in the technology age, we will not miss one home game and live across the country and it costs about as much as 12 days of cable. Get with the times people.

  24. gang green

    very disappointing to say the least. funny one arrowhunter. planning on sticking another big sawyer whitetail.

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