The Mac 10

When you look through hockey photos that appeared in the Herald in the last few years, you will see a lot of the usual suspects – the top-scoring players who play a lot and have the puck a lot.

However, Andrew MacWilliam obviously became a favorite of our photogs, providing them with so many big hits that he actually got in the paper as much as any of the skill guys over the last four years.

UND will greatly miss his physical presence next season – there is certainly nobody who will be able to replace it right away. And it’s safe to say our photogs will miss him as well. Here are a few photos of MacWilliam that appeared in the Herald during his career.

1. MacWilliam on SCSU’s Brian Volpei (John Stennes photo)

2. MacWilliam on Minnesota’s Kevin Wehrs (John Stennes photo)

3. MacWilliam on Bemidji State’s Darcy Findlay (John Stennes photo)

4. MacWilliam on Minnesota Duluth’s Mike Seidel (John Stennes photo)

5. MacWilliam on Michigan Tech’s Milos Gordic (John Stennes photo)

6. MacWilliam on Omaha’s Alex Simonson (John Stennes photo)

7. MacWilliam on Boston University’s Garrett Noonan (Eric Hylden photo)

8. MacWilliam on St. Cloud State’s Garrett Raboin (Eric Hylden photo)

9. MacWilliam on Minnesota’s Nico Sacchetti (Sarah Kolberg photo)

10. And finally, MacWilliam on a WCHA ref. In his first weekend at UND, no less. (Eric Hylden photo)

20 Responses

  1. willythekid

    How bad will Sioux fans miss big Mac? Follow up question, does anyone think that Wehrs is happy that he will never, and I mean never, have to see anyone coming at him in a Sioux jersey again?

    1. The UND Pilots

      We survived the loss of Blood, Lee, Green, Schneider, Jones, etc, etc… While we will miss him, we will be fine!

  2. Nate

    Matt Greene taught him to learn the vantage points, and not to hit unless it can be caught on film, “otherwise, why do it?”

    Seems MacWilliam learned well.

    1. Viking1

      Indeed; one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. That referee has a promising career in panty needlepoint ahead of him…..

  3. Moosey

    10 is a pretty good number of pics, I think Kevin Wehrs has appeared in more though. I can recall pictures of him being hit by Mac, Frattin, Malone, etc.

  4. Sioux-per-man

    Great Post, and even better pictures. Something tells me Big Mac will be back to the Ralph with the Stanley Cup someday.

    1. Drew

      Not as a Maple Leaf! All the hardwork by Burke to assemble a team that was just coming into fruition was destroyed in one offseason by the “new guy” (can’t remember his name). Anyway, here’s to Big Mac getting the heck out of Toronto and soon! #GOSIOUX

  5. northdasotan

    Is there an honorable mention picture somewhere with a Denver player? If I remember right he laid some big hits against them a lot.

    1. David

      I was recently able to tour the players lounge and study room at the Ralph and I recall seeing an awesome, poster-size picture of Mac laying out a Denver player in one of those rooms.

  6. RR

    Even though all of the pictures have been cropped there is still one thing missing from every picture.

  7. Osh747

    Watch GAge ausmus this year! He will be out new unforced until couple other its filter in next 2 seasons. Go sioux go! Rocco hobey!!

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