Team Watches Old Ralph Come Down

The current UND team made its way over to the old Ralph Engelstad Arena to watch the deconstruction process begin this morning.

The building is being taken down to make room for an indoor practice facility that will benefit nearly every UND sports team, especially football and track and field.

I wrote a story about the Old Ralph for Sunday’s paper. It is located here.

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  1. StuckDownSouth

    maybe colten is correct. now that the old home to NCAA championships is gone in Grand Forks… the current Ralph can become the place where NCAA history can be made.

  2. Farce poobah

    The Old Barn was demolished in summer 1978. Titles abounded soon thereafter. Perhaps history repeats …

  3. Tom A

    whatever happened to the pucks on the puck wall…the private donations that were made to the building and pucks with donors names were put up on the wall?

    1. none

      That’s a good question. Would be nice if the families could have their puck that was displayed. Or incorporate the pucks somehow at the new Ralph. Any input in their whereabouts Brad?

  4. Sioux Forever

    I remember doing newspaper drives around 1970 to help build that place. A lot of tradition and great memories in that place. The times roll on.

  5. Joe

    I was wondering about all of the memorabilia from the old building. For instance, does anyone know where all of those old banners went that were up in the rafters? They had a lot of different ones that weren’t copied over to the new building.

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