Random Updates – Saturday Afternoon

There will be a different look to Ralph Engelstad Arena — and all the other venues in the NCHC this season.

It sounds like there will be no goal judges at NCHC games. The value of goal judges has eroded with video replay, and in nearly 10 years of covering college hockey, I can’t recall a single time an official conferred with a goal judge about a call.

This should be welcome news to fans who sit behind them, as they won’t be looking through as many panes of glass.

It’s probably only a matter of time before the rest of the conferences follow suit.


The NCHC has launched its official site, www.nchchockey.com. It has a nice, clean look to it and a lot of good information. I’m told that there’s a live scoreboard function, too, it’s just hidden in the offseason.


The World Junior evaluation camp has started in Lake Placid, N.Y.

They have split the crew into two teams. Both of UND’s guys at the camp — defensemen Gage Ausmus and Keaton Thompson — are on Blue. They will begin with scrimmages on Sunday and Monday.

The U.S. players are all from the 1994 and 1995 birth years.


Union had a late-summer hit as Josh Jooris signed with the Calgary Flames this week. Jooris had 28 points in 39 games as a junior last season.

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  1. erik thorne

    Hakstol making $649,618 in 2012-13 with incentives is past ridiculous. That is about $345K in incentives. Exactly what did he do to earn that? When you make that much money you think he could break down and buy some nice suits, shirts, and ties. That Macy’s off the rack look is tacky.

  2. Seattle51

    Brad, when I was at the UND vs DU game in Denver, they didnt have a goal judge there. I should know I was sitting in row 2 right behind the goal….

  3. Wondering

    I will not take issue with incentive compensation, as i believe if you incentivize to get the the performance you want….the employee will step up to achieve the extra money. But if, big if, the above numbers are true it means we are willing to pay a nearly 50% bonus to perform at a level that many of us perceive as expected. With all the chatter of the old Ralph and its multiple national championships, it would be interesting to put the current situation in perspective by knowing what the compensation packages were for those coaches.

  4. Greenbayguy

    I believe Blais’ 1999 contract was $100,000 base, $100,00 annuity, and $50,000-75,000 in incentives. The Annuity became guaranteed after year 3

      1. Wondering

        So, it really isn’t incentive compensation? Merely a negotiated annuity! Compensation non the less. Wow pretty impressive negotiating on his part.

  5. StuckDownSouth

    it is just like everything else in life… if someone is willing to pay the price, UND, then the product, Coach hak, is not overpriced. and also just like so many things in life… you get what you pay for in. you pay crap… you get crap. glad they are rolling out the $$$. keeps me entertained for a good portion of the year. not much more you can ask for. (maybe a championship every decade or so i guess)

  6. Would it be suggestive if Hakstol were given incentives to win games at the end of the season, and the tournament. Especially the tournament. North Dakota hockey has laid an egg since 2001 in the tournament.

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