WCHA, NCHC Set Officials

I’ve confirmed referee rosters for both the WCHA and NCHC for this upcoming season.

The WCHA is reinstating referee Peter Friesema, who was suspended after using the word “bomb” at the Anchorage airport, causing it to shut down for some time.

A couple of locals — East Grand Forks’ Bobby Lukkason and Roseau’s Brady Johnson are earning a promotion from the USHL to the WCHA. Minot’s Nick Krebsbach (who played at Red River) will be added to the NCHC.

WCHA director of officials Greg Shepherd said his staff will be young, as he lost a number of referees to the NCHC and Big Ten. But the WCHA has identified some top USHL officials that Shepherd hopes will be able to step in just fine. Shepherd said it hasn’t been easy lining up linesmen at certain places.

The NCHC is going with 14 referees. It had over 100 applicants for officiating positions, according to director of hockey operations Joe Novak. He said it wasn’t an easy process, but they started by evaluating last season.

“We had to make hard decisions on who we would take and who we wouldn’t take,” Novak said.

In looking at the NCHC roster, it primarily ended up grabbing guys from the AHL/ECHL and the WCHA. Referees Brad Shepherd and Derek Shepherd will work in the NCHC and part time in the WCHA.

The NCHC will hold a training camp for its referees from Sept. 12-14.

It’s possible that some of the referees could work part time in other leagues.

I’ve had a very difficult time getting a hold of anyone from the Big Ten, so I don’t have its roster, but I’m guessing there’s a good chance that Warroad’s Matt Ulwelling will be there since he’s not on NCHC or WCHA rosters.

With former CCHA ref Steve Piotrowski in charge of Big Ten refs, it’s expected that a number of Big Ten refs will come from the CCHA.

WCHA officials

Chris Perreault
Jared Moen
Brad Albers
Justin Brown
Peter Friesema
Marco Hunt
Brett Klosowski
Butch Mousseaux
Kevin Hall (CCHA)
Kevin Langseth (CCHA)
Keith Surgott (CCHA)
Mark Wilkins (CCHA)
Rodney Tocco (CCHA)
Tommy Albindia (CHL/USHL)
Bobby Lukkason (USHL)
Brady Johnson (USHL)
Mike Elam (USHL)
*Derek Shepherd (part time)
*Brad Shepherd (part time)

NCHC officials

Andy Thiessen (AHL/ECHL)
Joe Sullivan (AHL/ECHL)
Nick Krebsbach (AHL/ECHL)
Steve Patafie (AHL)
Dan Dreger (CHL)
Brian Aaron (CCHA)
C.J. Beaurline (WCHA)
Scott Bokal (WCHA)
Tom Sterns (WCHA)
Todd Anderson (WCHA)
Derek Shepherd (WCHA)
Brad Shepherd (WCHA)
Tim Walsh (WCHA)
Brian Thul (WCHA)

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        1. nwo4life

          hey schlossman how many und players made the world junior team i havent seen anything on that in the paper

  1. The gift that keeps giving

    FWIW, you have Brad Albers listed twice under the WCHA, unless there are two guys.

    Are the Shepherd boys working “part time” in the B1G as well?

    Thought I might see Casey Enge’s name on the list. Former TRF Prowler. I believe he’s been working lines for WCHA women’s games for a few years now.

    What ever happened to referee Rick Looker, coincidentally also a former TRF Prowler?

  2. Nodak Fan

    As far as officials go, what do we expect? There isn’t a batch of officials out there we haven’t seen or heard from that are going to suddenly jump into the college game. Any up-and-coming officials usually are in the junior and minor system with their eyes on a bigger pay day (the pro game). Remember, most college officials have day jobs, so until the NCHC starts paying $75,000-
    100,000 per referee, I think this is as good as it gets.

  3. The gift that keeps giving

    Oh, and the following shows that Don Adam is not competent to do this job:

    Todd Anderson (WCHA)
    Derek Shepherd (WCHA)
    Brad Shepherd (WCHA)

    Thank you effing Barry Alvarez.

    1. I may be in the minority, but I thought Derek Shepherd has been one of the better refs the last couple years. My thoughts on Anderson are well-documented – I think he often escalates situations instead of defusing them and UND has played in some way-too-time-consuming games because of it. Hopefully those days are over…

      1. Sioux4Ever

        Toddy has a way of making a game drag on. I swear he will review everything and just sit there and yell at players.

          1. Sioux4Ever

            Definitely know what you are getting at. But you still do a hell of a job writing. Always looking forward to more!

        1. siouxfaninMinot

          He is reviewing it because he can’t figure out why he blew the whistle…..or what the correct penalty is.

          Is anyone else concerned that we have Brian “I don’t care if the hit broke his leg, it wasn’t a penalty” Thul and Scott “I thought it was one, but I am not going to say anything” Bokal?

          Shep (Derek) really isn’t that horrible of a ref…he actually knows what he is doing most of the time. Baby Shep (Brad) aka “I don’t know the difference between your face and your head” and Todd “I have had so much botox, I have no clue what I am reffing” Anderson concern me.

    1. Nick

      This is sort of what I was thinking, except with a little more positive spin. Who’s to say the result can’t be better if there is better oversight and some repercussions when needed? Let’s at least give them (league office) the chance to do it better.

  4. Yajji

    I agree some of the officiating of the past has been questionable, but other leagues seem to say the same about their officials… Also, they have stated they want to improve their training program for officials and have them become more accountable for themselves in doing so… It is probably a good idea to see how the officials handle this training and if it does offer some improvement… Here’s to hoping! Can’t wait for the puck to drop!

  5. D

    No one has said anything about Tim Walsh he is by far the worst one…

    I heard that they are getting rid of goal judges this year? Based on the physical fitness level of some of these refs we are going to have a lot of reviews in the 3rd because they can’t keep up with the players if that’s true…

  6. Bruce Bartl

    Looks to me like the Sheppard brothers are taking care of each other – i.e. full time in the NCHC and part-time in the WCHA, with Greg full time director in WCHA. They have a reputation for taking care of their own with scheduling and I’m sure this has to go against the grain for the other officials that are committed full time to the WCHA. Did the other officials get the same opportunity or was this limited to certain officials with the last name Sheppard?

  7. Siouxguy

    The only good thing I can think of is that at least we know we won’t have to deal with Todd Anderson in an NCAA tournament game when his decision making can end your season.

  8. 4eversioux1

    Figures – Sioux get screwed again — why the hell don’t Sheppard and Anderson go to the Big 10 where they belong

  9. NoDak Fan

    Brad –
    Will the officials wear numbers as in the past, or no numbers as the WCHA did in the last years?

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