Reaction To Shootout News

UND coach Dave Hakstol admits that he’s a traditionalist, and that part of him does not like shootouts. But Hakstol says adding shootouts in the NCHC is the right move.

To see a full story from the Herald with Hakstol’s comments, go here.

Hakstol says the league can give it four to five years, then re-evaluate how they’ve worked and how much fans have enjoyed then, then decide whether they want to keep doing them or not.

He said that when the team does shootout drills in practice, there will be a lot of evaluation going on.

He also said talked about how the team needs to react mentally to the outcome of shootouts.

“As a player, it gives you a somewhat superficial feeling of a loss or a win,” Hakstol said. “We’re going to probably have to learn to deal with it. You have to be very careful to keep everything in perspective.”

Hakstol said a team can’t get too low if they play really well in a tie and end up losing the shootout, nor can a team get too high if they play below average, tie, and win in a shootout.

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  1. The UND Pilots

    Brad – a little off topic, but is there any chance that the NCHC or UND will renegotiate any kind of TV deal that will allow DirecTV to cover UND men’s/Women’s hockey games? What a disappointment if they can’t for someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for all the great coverage.

  2. I was hoping that they would go with a 4 on 4 format for the 5 overtime period to give the players more open and have more time to end the before a shootout.


    I have the same sentiments as coach. It’s hard to mess with tradition but it’s the right move. My reasons are a bit different, though.

    1) Anything that brings NCAA closer to the NHL, even if it’s as little as adding shootouts, is a plus. Major Juniors has a big advantage in “recruiting” because of their similar style of rules and scheduling to the NHL. Anything to bridge the gap can help.

    2) Shootouts can showcase the skill level that NCAA hockey brings to the game. To the current hockey fans that don’t follow college puck, there’s a stigma about a lack of skill level beyond the few blue-chip recruits in the league. This stigma can be reinforced when the majority of high-profile college skaters were in the more physical, grind-it-out, leagues such as the WCHA and CCHA. There will be shootout plays that make highlight reels, and any added exposure to our favorite brand of hockey could help immensely. To say that this is done for the fans is misleading, because this isn’t a make-or-break deal for the people who are already fans of the NCHC. It’s done for the fans that don’t know they’re fans yet.

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