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I’ve been off the grid for a few days, but there has been quite a bit of news in the college hockey world.

For starters, UND announced a new hockey TV show that will be called “North Dakota Hockey with Dave Hakstol.” It will air on Midco at 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays. Through These Doors also will appear on Midco, which is a huge credit to the students who have put in a lot of time making that show happen.

Elsewhere in the country…

Nebraska Omaha, which could be one of the teams in the mix to win the inaugural NCHC title, will have to do it without one of its best players.

Omaha co-captain Matt White, who racked up 99 points in three seasons, was kicked off the team after an incident in the Old Market. UNO also booted incoming freshman Preston Hodge and suspended Grand Forks native Alex Simonson indefinitely.

For more details, here’s a story from the Omaha World Herald.


Wisconsin lost one of its top recruits, forward Christian Dvorak, to the OHL. He has signed with the London Knights in the OHL. Dvorak was scheduled to go to Wisconsin in 2014.

Dvorak’s father told the Wisconsin State Journal that he feels the OHL gives Dvorak a slightly better chance to reach the NHL.

If Wisconsin can produce Ryan Suter, Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan, Joe Pavelski, Dany Heatley, Justin Schultz, Jake Gardiner, etc., and prospects still believe they have to go somewhere else to get to the NHL, it shows what an unbelievable challenge college hockey and CollegeHockeyInc.com have to overcome a perception problem.


Former Grand Forks Central and Bemidji State defenseman Matt Carlson has signed with the Quad City Mallards in the CHL. Carlson played a couple of games with the Mallards at the end of last season.


The Hockey Academy tweeted that former Grand Forks Central forward Casey Purpur is going to play Division I hockey at Northern Michigan this season. That continues the area’s nice run of producing Division I players and pros.

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  1. Sioux4Ever

    The school needs to step up and get something done to get, at a minimum, home games broadcasted on a channel that everyone across the country can get.

      1. Sioux4Ever

        True, but they are going to need a lot better servers since there will be many more people having to buy the webcasts instead of getting them on tv.

  2. Chicago UND Fan

    Good Point about the servers. Not sure how many people were on the webcasts last year but I would guess that it will increase by about 25% this year.

    1. FgoSiouxFan

      @Chicago – I agree as well. IMO the increase of those tuned to the webcasts will be more than 25% — Fargo does not have Midco and as of this post CableOne does not carry the CBS Sports Network! 🙁

      1. Wayne

        CBS has been added by CableOne in Fargo, no fanfare or announcement but it is there. Looks like that is about the only UND hockey we’ll be getting.

  3. Chicago UND Fan

    Question about the OHL, do they produce a lot of NHL prospects that make it to the “show”? The only thing I know about the OHL is that they steal our prospects somehow.

    1. Joker

      J Tavares, W Gretzky, B Orr, A MacInnis, S Stamkos, C Perrey, T Hall, B Fogarty, E Lindros to name a few…

  4. Siouxhockey5

    I was visiting Fargo this weekend and I thought I saw that channel on the digital package. Check for it again. I do not recall what channel.


  5. Apples

    Every comparision between OHL and NCAA on here is stacked with reasons for NCAA while ignoring CHL benefits and products.

    Current NHLers from London: Patrick Kane, Corey Perry, David Bolland, John Carlson, Michael Del Zotto, John Erskine, Sam Gagner, Nazem Kadri, Chris Kelly, Rick Nash, Brandon Prust, Kyle Quincey, John Tavares, and others.

    2 sides to every story, unless you are here. As a journalist, I would like to see both sides from you. For example, go see a few CHL games if you haven’t. Compare the levels of play. And compare games between comparable teams. Report what you see, not what you’ve heard.

    And before you tell me you were making a point, I see your point, there is an uphill battle. Bottom line is, the products out of college are either late bloomers or super top end players who could go anywhere and chose college. The middle of the road guys have to weigh a lot of things, and then decide where they will be best served.

    1. There was no comparison made in this post. I’m just saying that if prospects think going to Wisconsin is going to hold back their NHL career, it shows what a major perception issue it faces considering Wisconsin’s long list of successful NHLers.

  6. Osh747

    How does the most followed cooler hockey team in the nation (and that’s not even close) fudge up a deal this bad?!?!?? My god I know it will be online ect HD which is awesome but 12 years ago I could watch from any bar in the country if need be now its 2013/14 and only home games are on locally. What a joke. Jayson and brad along many others bust their butts every week to give sioux hockey fans amazing in depth stuff but whoever handles the tv negotiating should seriously be questioned as they have been. Again brad and jayson and many others thanks but what a absolute joke with the amazing following we have

  7. SM

    AD Faison needs to get a national TV deal done, if not, he is failing the fans and Alumni across the nation. Shame on him.

  8. siouxfaninMinot

    Faison CAN NOT get a national TV deal done. The deal with CBS Sports Network is that they hold the exclusive NATIONAL rights as stated in the article below.

    This deal was made in the best interests of the entire conference..not just UND. I realize that you guys don’t like it..I don’t either. However, to blame Faison when he was not the only one trying to make this deal is not fair. There are eight teams in the NCHC, that means representatives from 8 different schools had to agree here.

    I agree this deal sucks for UND, but the best that we can do is deal with it until it can be revisited. I didn’t get any of the games last year either, because I don’t control the tv channels or provider that I currently have. I lived, you will too.

    1. Sioux Fan in St. Cloud

      What I wonder is how the school that was likely the most powerful force in this new conference (simply based on facilities, fan support and the like) didn’t have a more foreceful voice in the process. While I agree that in a pure democratic process UND had only one vote (if it was a voting process), that doesn’t mean that UND’s national exposure should have been so easily thrown aside. I’ve commented here before about the fact that receiving some money from this deal was likely good for all of the schools (UND included, which I don’t think received any money from its Fox College Sports deal), I don’t think that outweighs the benefit of national exposure. This likely wasn’t an easy decision, and maybe UND didn’t expect this response from its fans, but the fact that the schools took a little bit of money over the potential for greater exposure seems shortsighted, and I would have expected UND’s representatives to have thought through the issue better. If they did think through the issue and voted against it (i.e., they lost 7-1), then I think UND’s leadership position in the conference has not been appropriately established and/or its lobbying efforts were inadequate. I don’t think the AD should be fired, but I do think its appropriate that he hear the concerns of those of us that don’t live in GF, or Minot, and can’t just hop in the car to see a game.

  9. mjd2five

    Newsflash to the old farts out there: television is dying. The future of media continues to be the internet. Many bars are setting up their televisions to broadcast webcasts, and thankfully youthful staff not afraid of change can set it up with ease. Also, HD on laptop > SD on big screen TV. Buy a roku box or simply figure out how to connect your computer to your overpriced 52″ best friend, there’s this magical place called google that has the answer to any question you could ever conceive.

    1. sioux_2

      I hope you do know that the webcasts are still not in Hd as of now and even if they do get HD the webcast will likely stop every minute (unless they get more servers) to buffer unless you have a jacked up laptop (not so lilkely for an average person) and even if you can see the game at a bar its not so nice for the people that paided for a whole extra tv package to see the games now not being able to see them just because the AD (possibly) didnt have the courage to voice his own opinion….it is still way more convenient for people to watch on a tv… and ya its not hard to hook up the stream to your tv (but yet again many average people dont have a tv that is able to do that)

    2. Chet

      Please relay how you would watch the current und hockey stream on a roku box. I could not find anything on google.

      If acceptable national TV deals are not with in reach then why not develop a UND hockey channel for a device like a roku. Then you could broad cast every game, have classic games archived, plus xtra content like TTD, the coaches show, league highlights, etc. the subscribers pay the university directly and everyone is happy.

  10. thecircus

    Here here Mjd2five! It gets pretty old reading all the complaints on these message boards and over on SS.com.

  11. Sioux1

    Newsflash Mjd2five It may be dying but at this point most webstreams have not caught up with satellite or cable television quality. I know you young folk want to grab hold of technology for the sake of technology but those of us in between still operate in reality and will fully embrace technology when it catches up with TV. In the mean time just like the automobile… Im not selling my gas powered vehicle for the electric model until it actually performs up to or near that standard in functionality. As to my overpriced 52″ TV…Its actually 110″ and I fully enjoy it.

  12. MplsHockeyGuy

    I watch hd programs quite regularly being I do not subscribe to cable. Internet service plays ithese programs without issue every time which leads me to conclude Internet speeds are in lock step with the services customers like me ask for which are also the services being discussed here. Decent internet service is easy to find just about anywhere these day. its not an issue.

    As for your 110″ please my friend try not to use your keyboard as means of compensating for the lesser things in your life.

  13. Razzle Dazzle Hockey!

    Maybe the bigger question is who made the decision to leave the WCHA? Perhaps they should be stung up! Just because we lost a few heavy weights to the new Big 10 league which dimwit thought we could join a splinter group and compete with them. We were a member of the best league in college hockey, now look at us…and if objectivity is a challenge take a look at the tv contract! And, don’t compare us to the new WCHA, compare us to what the WCHA would look like if we and our brethren would have stayed!

  14. mjd2five

    1) reality is relative. Paradigms shift.
    Impressing blue chips with the shows and highlights is more important than 600-level channels IMHO.
    2) you are correct about the capital letter. You must be new to the “Internet”, as trying to correct people’s writing will make your head explode.
    3) I don’t use roku but I believe there is a function to browse the internet on it. It will be tedious to navigate so make sure to bookmark UND hockey’s page.

  15. Chet

    You can navigate the Internet on a WII and it is not able to get the stream. I think your browser needs expanded functions like java or flash to work properly. So unless the Roku has this you’re back to a laptop and cord.

  16. Sioux1

    MplsHockeyguy….. But you don’t get the fact that up to this point the UND stream of hockey games has not produced a product anywhere near what TV provides regardless of what else might be out there.. I hope with the addition of HD this year that changes but I have watched a lot of college hockey webcasts over the years from many sources and none have compared to TV either in standard or HD. But thanks for the input on irrelevant comparisons.

  17. Country Fan

    Not everyone lives within the city and can get high speed Internet. In my area I have stand by the window to get a cell signal and I only live 26 miles from Grand Forks. So it sounds like some the younger generation never venture out into the rural areas. So TV is my source for hockey coverage.

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