Class opens, season nears

UND opens its doors for class at 4 p.m. today, which means everyone will be back on campus and ready to start some preseason workouts soon.

The team will have some captain’s practices, off-ice workouts and presumably their annual preseason three-on-three event. The on-ice skill sessions with coaches will start in September.

I’ll pass along any updates I hear from the fall camps as I start work on the 2013 Grand Forks Herald college hockey preview section. It is scheduled to be 12 pages again and will have a breakdown of the new leagues, top players and top recruits. I’ll post more info on it as the release date nears.

Good news: The Herald will travel to all UND hockey games once again this season so expect full reports from the games as well as live game day chats and video blogs. I’ll likely start a podcast this season as well.

I believe I’ve covered 172 consecutive UND games dating back to October 2009 when we did not travel to an Anchorage series.

Only 41 days until the Manitoba game.

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