UND Sports Zone Show: Football’s Win Over Valparaiso And DU’s Hockey Ticket Policy

Grand Forks Herald sportswriters Brad Elliott Schlossman, Tom Miller and Wayne Nelson recap UND’s football win over Valparaiso, preview the South Dakota State game, and talk about some DU’s hockey ticket policy, which may upset some UND fans.

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  1. Torchbearer

    I’m not much of a football fan but it was COOL watching the highlights of the UND and NDSU games — would love to see them both rock n roll this season!
    And, UGH to the DU ticket policy 🙁 From where I live it’s a 6 hour round trip to get there… doing it once is a blast; twice is manageable; but three times might just be a deal breaker 🙁 Not to mention the expense of so many tickets. Darn.

  2. Eric Elfton

    As a Du season ticket holder for 27 years,and who’s father is from Warroad, I enjoy when ND comes to town the most. The money spent in Denver is good for our economy. DU is going through internal issues relating to low season ticket renewal. They are now seeing the cost of fireing George. Don’t take it personally my Sioux friends.

  3. SiouxperKev

    I believe these “ticket games” many colleges are playing will blow up in their face. I cant believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather pay a higher ticket price for certain games (money goes to the school instead of scalpers). But forcing me to buy for another game I have no desire in seeing just sucks. Especially at the prices they are charging now. Its ridiculous.
    Last time I bought tickets for UND @ Minny, the only way we could get seats next to each other was to buy 3 GAMES!! We ended up waiting for single tickets when ZERO pairs were available. What a buzz kill to bring my kid to a game and he had to sit 2 rows and 8 seats away. What a joke. I’ll stay home and watch instead. And if I cant watch, my fandom will fade. How does college hockey win with that?

  4. Chicago UND Fan

    St. Cloud has had this policy for awhile, at least they did in 2006 thru 2009. No surprise that they supplement their budgets on the backs of UND fans. The sad thing is that they can’t get their own fans to buy the tickets.

  5. Mike

    It sure seems as though this DU AD is doing all the right things to drive the hockey program into the ground. Its really a shame.

  6. Paula

    As a Colorado resident and UND alumni, I am very upset by the new DU policy. We have attended these games since we moved to CO in 1995. This is a active rivalry that is wonderful to be a part of win or lose. It is great for DU in that the UND contingency fills the seats and purchases food and beverages. I have never witnessed inappropriate behavior on the part of the UND fans just great UND spirit. It speaks volumes that they are so threatened to have the good old UND fan base in person.

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