More On DU Ticket Situation

In case you didn’t see this Wednesday, the University of Denver has a new ticket policy that requires you to purchase tickets to two other DU games in order to get tickets to one night of the Denver-North Dakota series. Read the story here.

If you don’t want to buy the three-game pack, you do have a couple of other options.

No. 1 — Sometime today, go here, enter “northdakotaalumni” as the promo code. You can purchase single-game tickets from the UND allotment. According to UND, that deal will last until Friday.

No. 2 — You can purchase group tickets of 20-plus. If you don’t have a group that large, you can try selling to other UND fans via the ticket forum, which is here. If you go the group route, you won’t get discounted tickets for a group purchase (no discounts for UND or CC games).

One of the things I find interesting is that the UND games — not the CC games — are the most expensive tickets for Denver this season, according to Joe Paisley. Denver also isn’t doing the three-game pack thing for the CC games.

I wondered if the UND-Denver rivalry would take a hit with George Gwozdecky no longer behind the bench at DU. I guess this answers that question. Rivalry on.

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  1. Jeffrey Ackerman

    Hi Brad

    Seems like Denver is trying to shut down ND fans. Your link to alumni association tickets is not working. Can you post the link so we can get the tickets please?

  2. undcheer

    I hope there is more green and white than past years at the games in Denver proving to the DU athletic department, Sioux fans will always find a way to support our team!

    1. SiouxperKev

      Grand idea if you have the means to just throw away tickets for the other two games you are forced to buy. That “3 game ticket” is going to run you say $125ish? Too rich for me. Especially when some of us have to travel from outside CO.

  3. Matt

    I can see the headlines now…
    “Pioneers fall to Merrimack 5-0”
    AP- On a night meant to serve as an early measuring stick for the DU Men’s Ice Hockey team, a game to forget for players and coaches alike played second fiddle to one of the strangest sights ever seen in the world of sports. While around 2,000 crimson and white clad fans, and a few of the Merrimack faithful dotted the seats in Magness Arena, the night belonged to over 2,000 green and white University of North Dakota fans who filled the the stale air with chants of “Let’s Go Sioux” and choruses of “In Heaven There Is No Beer” from start to finish. Coach Jim Montgomery shared his thoughts, “That was just weird…” …

  4. Wes in Denver

    We thought about purchasing season tickets earlier this year, but opted out. Unfortunately we are stuck in a situation where we will have to buy two other games to get the seats we specifically want. Fortunately I was probably going to attend a few more series, so I guess it’s not that bad. I’m hoping we can have our choice as to which series we wish to purchase and not be forced into certain series. Looking forward on my list in the order of my choice:

    1) Miami of Ohio (strong contender this year)
    2) SCSU (raised in St. Cloud)
    3) Western Michigan (haven’t seen them play in person)
    4) Nebraska Omaha

    Also, agreed with the above link about having 2,000 Sioux fans in the stadium on a non-Sioux night. That would be hilarious, but doubt it would happen.

  5. David Wasdahl

    I wonder how the ticket office will handle ticket sales the day of the event, same? And it always seems possible to by from scalpers outside Magness. Might this be a solution?

    1. Lindsay

      So I actually discovered this promo code was leaked by UND early causing the sell out of the alumni tickets, meaning even UND fans that are not alumni were able to purchase these tickets. There are no tickets left for this option. I was under the impression all single game tickets went on sale this morning through DU. Very disappointed!

  6. Siouxguy

    Understand why some people are upset, but let’s face it, athletics is a business and why not try give your team a bigger advantage. When I had extra tickets to sell for the Minnesota series here, I made sure they got in the hands of Sioux fans. Remember the outrage UND fans had when the Athletic Department started to charge more for specific series like Minnesota and Denver? They did that to their own fans, so I hardly think Denver worries what Sioux fans think, unless it backfires on them.

    1. SiouxperKev

      If DU wants to “create a bigger advantage” for their team, then don’t sell ANY tickets to UND fans, period. What would stop them from that?

      1. Sioux4Ever

        How would they know if you were a Sioux fan? I used to live in Colorado, so they would have no idea that I was rooting for the away team

  7. willythekid

    I would love for there to be a way for UND to stick it to the traveling du fans…
    of course they would have to have fans that travel first I suppose. I seems most du fans won’t even travel to magness.

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