UND To Wear Special Jerseys For Exhibition

UND will be wearing special North Dakota Strong jerseys — to support cancer awareness — for its exhibition game against the U.S. Under-18 team on Oct. 26.

I’m told that one of UND’s players has been instrumental in getting this going, and that UND will soon have a full release on all the details about the event.

According to a release today, the jerseys will be unveiled at Fan Fest on Sept. 22.

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  1. Gene DuBois

    I thought they were called “sweaters.” Or is that only in Canada? Oh, wait a minute, the team is pretty much Canada.

      1. redwingz19

        I would take a group of older Canadians over a bunch of 17-18 year old kids that come straight from HS or NTDP. That’s what the gophs tried for a while and they missed the NCAAs 3 seasons in a row haha.

        1. Gene DuBois

          Watch you’re admitting is what everyone knows. These 21 year-old+ “freshmen” are there to play hockey. “Student-athlete” is simply an oxymoron.

  2. Jeffrey Ackerman

    I am also interested in finding out if they will have these jerseys available for sale. My son is a Senior at UND and never misses a game. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma two years ago and had to miss a year of school for treatment. He has been cancer free for one year and ten months now and a jersey would be kind of nice to get.

    1. Siouxpersupporter

      There is someone checking this out privately for your son, need contact info for you or son to follow up.

  3. jt

    Right. Tell that to Brad Eidsness. I challenge you to look at UND’s academic record vs. Minnesota’s. Bet it’s a lot better. While UND does have a great history of sending players to the next level, most of these guys’ career paths are outside of playing hockey. They realize that and take advantage of the education afforded to them at a great University. Student-athlete isn’t an oxymoron. It is a compound adjective.

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