UND Sports Zone: Football’s Loss To SDSU, Change At Center Ice For Hockey

Grand Forks Herald writers Brad Elliott Schlossman, Tom Miller and Wayne Nelson talk about UND football’s loss to SDSU, the upcoming game against Montana and the change at center ice for the hockey program.

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  1. Gene DuBois

    UNDs success is not going to be about slaughtering a team with no scholarship players, it’s about there performance against teams like SDSU. At this point it looks bleak.

    1. Bob

      Bleak? Really??? Although the loss was disappointing, lets look at it for what it is. A seven point loss to the #6 RANKED TEAM IN FCS! That, in my opinion is far from bleak…it says we are competitive with the top ranked teams in FCS. poor choice of words, sir.

  2. Chicago UND Fan

    Was looking at purchasing Hockey tickets for the Western Michigan Series and this is what WMU ticket website says “Bronco Hockey individual game tickets will go on sale Tuesday, September 10th. Tickets for the Michigan State, North Dakota and Notre Dame games are available through the Pick 8 plan until the Monday before the event.” Looks like WMU also trying to capitalize on the popularity of other schools.

    1. Wait...What?

      Gene’s right. Toe – to – toe, and “we’re this close” aren’t enough. Mussman HAS to get this turned around. How many chances does the guy get? Do we need to see a complete dismantling of the program? When a guy throws out over 600 scholarship offers to fill 25-30 available spots, that reeks of desperation.

    2. Gene DuBois

      Well, Sara, the difference between a fan and a homer is that a fan will criticize when it’s deserved. A homer will blame a drubbing on the refs. UND is not at the level of NDSU in football. No surprise. UND is about hockey. NDSU recruits football players whose rap sheet is longer than their transcript.

      1. Sioux4ever

        Well, Gene, it sounds as though you’re a homer by your last 2 posts. I graduated from UND the same year Ed Belfour left and to be brutally honest, the difference between NDSU athletes and UND athletes’ rap sheets are truly about equal within the last 30 years. (yes, even with what NDSU has accomplished the last 2). I’ve followed UND athletics and have been to nearly every hockey and football game since 1983. Neither University has a clean rap sheet.

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