Wednesday Live Chat

Come join our Wednesday live chat from 3-4 p.m.

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  1. Siouxpkitchen

    Brad – curious as to why you clearly favor Gothberg over Saunders. Both had some tremendous games last year, played well for the majority of their starts. Both had a few untimely goals that went in. Stats very close with Saunders having a better GAA, Gothberg a better save %. Both had some big wins on the road over some good teams. Gothberg had a good run at the end of the year except for Michigan Tech playoff game but so did Saunders except for CC playoff game. Both played very well at regional. Isn’t goaltending a strength for UND because of both of them?

    1. I wouldn’t say clearly favor – I’m just guessing that Gothberg ends up starting more games this year because of the way he ended last year. As I said in the chat, Saunders was outstanding at times (including the regional, like you said. Saunders nearly stole that game for UND). There were several other games he was huge – I think of the one in Denver. The score was 6-1 in that game, but Saunders was great and allowed his team to build that lead. And yes, I think goaltending will be the team’s biggest strength because of both of them and we will see plenty of both.

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