A Strong Finish For Goalies

One thing that may have been lost in the end of last season is that UND actually was the best defensive team in the WCHA for the last two months of the season, and its goaltenders were a big reason why.

Both Zane Gothberg and Clarke Saunders were among the best in the WCHA statistically to end the season, which is something they could build off of to start this upcoming one.

WCHA save percentage (All games, Feb. 1 – April 13)

1. Zane Gothberg, UND, .937
2. Joel Rumpel, UW, .928
3. Andrew Walsh, BSU, .926
4. Clarke Saunders, UND, .923
5. Joe Howe, CC, .922
6. Stephon Williams, MSU, .919 (all-WCHA first team)
7. Ryan Faragher, SCSU, .915
8. Adam Wilcox, Minn, .915 (all-WCHA third team)
9. Juho Olkinuora, DU, .914 (all-WCHA second team)
10. Matt McNeely, UMD, .909

WCHA goals-against average (All games, Feb. 1 – April 13)

1. Zane Gothberg, UND. 1.98
2. Joel Rumpel, UW, 2.08
3. Clarke Saunders, UND, 2.15
4. Adam Wilcox, Minn, 2.19 (all-WCHA third team)
5. Stephon Williams, MSU, 2.30 (all-WCHA first team)
6. Ryan Faragher, SCSU, 2.36
7. Andrew Walsh, BSU, 2.51
8. Joe Howe, CC, 2.74
9. Juho Olkinuora, DU, 2.78 (all-WCHA second team)
10. Matt McNeely, UMD, 2.80

WCHA winning percentage (All games, Feb. 1 – April 13)

1. Zane Gothberg, UND, .778 (6-1-2)
2. Joel Rumpel, UW, .750 (10-3-1)
3. Ryan Faragher, SCSU, .625 (10-6)
4. Stephon Williams, MSU, .615 (8-5)
5. Adam Wilcox, Minn, .607 (8-5-1)
6. Joe Howe, CC, .594 (8-5-3)
7. Juho Olkinuora, DU, .591 (6-4-3)
8. Clarke Saunders, UND, .429 (3-4)
9. Matt McNeely, UMD, .375 (2-4-2)
10. Pheonix Copley, MTU, .364 (4-7)

WCHA team defense (All games, Feb. 1 – April 13)

1. North Dakota 2.12
2. Wisconsin 2.28
3. Minnesota 2.29
4. St. Cloud State 2.44
5. MSU-Mankato 2.62
6. Denver 2.93
6. Duluth 2.93
8. Colorado College 2.94
9. Bemidji State 3.08
10. Michigan Tech 3.21

11 Responses

  1. Shaun

    I’m sure all the stats say we were the best defensive team, but I think I speak for many people when I say that it was a different year defensively and I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but it didn’t seem to be there like it was in previous years. Perhaps it was grit, or all those overtimes, or something else. Stats tell one story, but those goalies seemed to make a lot of mental mistakes which there is no statistical category for like an unforced error in baseball. My two cents. Either way, I’m way pumped for this season! Go Sioux.

    1. Walrus

      I don’t know. The stats put up pretty much contradict one of the more popular arguments about last year’s team. When it came down to it we didn’t put the puck away against Yale and Clarke played good enough to win.

      1. OmahaSioux

        You’re exactly right. A lot of the games were close games because the offense wasn’t scoring enough which made the defense look worse than it really was.

      1. Password is Taco

        Yes, you need to score goals to win games. We all know how many pipes Rocco hit last year. But, defense is what wins games and championships. VS Yale in the 3rd we tried to win a 1 goal game. That is and has never been our style of play or strong point. I am very much looking forward to this year and hopefully putting a banner in the rafters. Go Sioux.

  2. Viking1

    the top two tenders in the league. Saunders is the only reason national champ Yale didnt walk away from the sioux by 6 or 7 goals. Should be a great year; the Sioux are vastly under-rated.

      1. Viking1

        Yeah, I hadnt seen that poll,and it surprises me the Sioux were ranked that high (especially given the general tenor of the blog predictions here over the summer). I’m pretty sure Mr Schlossman is correct in that they will need the first half of the season to jell and adjust. A big test in Miami right away. I’m sure we’ll have a better idea where they stand after that series….

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