Nanne ‘sick’ About Losing UND Rivalry

Former Gopher standout and North Stars general manager Lou Nanne said on ESPN 1500 that he’s “sick” about losing the rivalry with North Dakota.

Nanne made the comments on the Judd & Dubay Show.

“I’m just sick about losing North Dakota and Duluth,” Nanne said, adding that the Gophers would still get to play the in-state schools in nonconference matchups with the North Star College Cup. “To lose North Dakota and not play for three years. . . to lose Denver and Colorado. . . I gotta tell you, I’m sick about it, because to me, the biggest rivalry Minnesota’s ever had is North Dakota.”

Dubay agreed with Nanne’s comments.

Nanne did add that he likes to see the Big Ten schools come to town, as the Gophers routinely played against Michigan and Michigan State when Nanne was in college.

This will be the first time in 60 years that North Dakota and Minnesota do not meet in the regular season. They will not play in 2013-14 or 2014-15 for sure.

UND was holding out hope for a Hall of Fame game or something along those lines for 2015-16. That would be the earliest the schools could meet up again.

UND coach Dave Hakstol has continued to say he wants the rivalry to continue.

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  1. Sioux4Ever

    It’s a shame that the athletic directors at the U of M basically did not want this rivalry to continue. Why would you not want this to continue?

    1. Blackheart

      It’s pretty boy Lucia-pet that doesn’t want these games any more. It’s “not a healthy rivalry right now”. His players want to continue the games, the fans want the games but tDon apparently knows best. 🙁

      1. Sioux4Ever

        Donny boy is scared. We’ve had the upper hand for a few years and he wants to change it. All I can say is that 7 is still greater than 5

        1. RR

          Not really. You might want to check the record. In the past four seasons (Knight, Kristo, MacWilliam era) The Gophers were 8-6-3 against UND.

          Not sure how that would qualify is having “the upper hand.”

          1. Sioux4Ever

            Since Hakstol took over. So the past 4 years, they have two less wins. How about the previous 4 season? Not even close

    2. UND Whioux

      If UND Whioux would have dropped the name instead of a worthless battle there would be no discussion and they would still be playing each other. Check the facts

          1. Blackheart

            Ok, I’ll give you that one. However, Lucia is acting like a baby on this. Why does he get to end the best rivalry in college hockey? Oh, and enjoy those home games with OSU and Penn State. Ugh!

      1. Siouxguy

        Hmmm, how is it that Wisconsin is on the schedule in the near future then? What is the Whioux reference supposed to mean anyway?

        1. getagrip

          Wisconsin is still on the schedule because they had the luxury of holding dates open until the nickname dispute was resolved. Minnesota didn’t. The games against UW were added extremely late in the scheduling process.

          The Minnesota Board of Reagents have set a clear policy about traveling to/hosting a school on the NCAA “hostile and abusive” list. Lucia has no say on that. As soon as UND and MN were no longer in the same conference, MN could not schedule games where they travel to/host UND until the nickname was dropped..

          There are 4 other D1 college hockey teams in the state. At a certain point, Minnesota had to make a choice: do we walk away from the other Minnesota schools on the *hope* that the nickname gets dropped? Or do we go ahead and finalize a schedule that maintains as many of our interests as possible?

          1. Greenbayguy

            What a crock of BS. Everyone knew one way or another that the dispute over the name would be resolved. Wisconsin held spots because of the rivalry. TDon went running as soon as he had an out. He’s been whining for years because of the intensity of the rivalry, and of course his players never have contributed to the physical nature of play. Historically he ruined the top rivalry in college hockey. UofM’s next national title comes once the whiner has left the building.

  2. Fred

    Do we ever think that maybe we are the reason that the rivalries are ending? Is there something going on in our athletic department that we just don’t know about, such as people being tough to work with? It just seems like we point a lot of fingers, but are the only school repeatedly losing rivalries.

    1. MplsSioux

      You might want to clarify what information you know that supports this “theory” because everything that has been put out there contradicts it.

    2. SWMNSiouxFan

      Which other rivalries? NDSU in football? Who else? Most interviews in print or on radio make it sound as if UND wants these rivalries to continue and things aren’t moving forward because of other institutions. Please clarify for us not in the know.

  3. mjd2five

    1) No surprise this comment comes after his son de-committed. Gopher fans capable of objectivity (and some that are not) are unhappy with Lucia. It is nice to see a legacy nepotist go elsewhere, whatever his true motives may be.

    2) Lucia has done more damage to college hockey than any single individual should be capable of. Between killing a niche sport’s marquee rivalry and his piss-poor development of blue chips (Johnson, Okposo and in my personal opinion Bjugstad as well) leading to top players dismissing NCAA altogether, he has done the sport no favors.

    3) anecdote demonstrating Lucia’s overblown ego: my friend managed a rink in Lakeville for a while, and Lucia often found his way down there to scout. A 15 year old employee didn’t waive his entry fee once, to which DL replied, “Don’t you know who I am?” in a raised voice. As an overpaid state employee, he should be willing to part with a $5 bill, especially for the sport he considers his livelihood.

    1. RR

      1) It was Louie’s grandson that de-committed.

      2) Let’s look at the numbers:
      Here’s how many games in the NHL that Hakstol’s Blue Chippers (ham and eggers) have played. Ben Blood (0), Brett Hextall (0), Jason Gregoire (0), Chay Genoway (1), Ryan Duncan (0), Andrew Kozek (0), Joe Finley (21) , Brock Nelson (1), Brad Malone (22)

      NHL games by the Gopher players you mentioned: Kyle Okposo (325) , Erik Johnson (329) , Nick Bjugstad (11)

      Nice try.

      1. cccccccccc

        Nice examples: Okposo left saying bad things about Minnesota’s hockey program, EJ left saying bad things about Minnesota’s hockey program, and Bjugstad will not be a big deal in the NHL. TFF

        1. Siouxguy

          Nevermind the fact that Johnson was the #1 pick overall and projected to be the next Chris Pronger. Who was #3 in that years draft? Oh, Toews, how did that work out for Chicago?

      2. SWMNSiouxFan

        Besides Finley and Nelson (who will be with the Islanders for the long haul soon) what rounds were those other mentioned players drafted in (if drafted at all, Genoway and Duncan). Good examples to put up against a top pick, six or seven (whatever Okposo was) and another first rounder in Bjugstad. Keep up the solid work goof fans.

        1. mjd2five

          As asinine and subjective as his cherry-picked comparison was, at least it wasn’t inflammatory. Sadly that’s all one can expect from trolls.

          1. RR

            I was applying the “Schlossman Method” of cherry picking subjects and applying arbitrary parameters in order to make a point.

            All you need to do is look at Brad’s recent posting about how the Whioux goalies were the best in the league between Feb 1 and April 13. It’s one of Brad’s most tried and true ways of putting a shine on a turd.

          2. I did not say that the UND goalies were the best all season because they had the best stats in February. All my post said was that they were they had the best stats in a clearly spelled out timeframe, using the exact same parameters for all goalies. There is nothing arbitrary about that. Everything was very clearly spelled out.

            The “RR” method arbitrarily calls Chay Genoway, a guy who had scholarship offers from 0 WCHA schools other than UND as a 19-year-old, a blue-chip recruit, and does not classify the highest draft pick in program history as a blue-chip recruit.

          3. RR

            I was applying the “Schlossman Method” of cherry picking subjects and applying arbitrary parameters in order to make a point.

            All you need to do is look at Brad’s recent posting about how the Whioux goalies were the best in the league between Feb 1 and April 13. It’s one of Brad’s most tried and true methods.

          4. SWMNSiouxFan

            Problem is that you weren’t applying any methods on picking subjects except naming young men who played at a couple universities and you didn’t make any points except UM math courses didn’t prepare you for your future. Comparing NHL paths of three guys who were predicted to be very good against guys who were 4th, 5th, 6th rd. and undrafted is a slightly skewed argument.

  4. worthlessrodents

    We Sioux fans (or Sue as some less educated people like to say) should just be happy that we are going to be playing in a stronger conference. The Big10 is a joke, with only 1 other team (Michigan) besides Minnesota that is decent. People will delude themselves and say ‘what about Michigan State or Ohio State’ but even they know better. The Gophers are now in a borderline 2nd Class conference.

  5. FargoJoe

    Got my season tickets this year and it made me sick to not see either Wisconsin or the Gophers. This is when it became reality for me. I know how Nanne feels.

  6. Little10

    What rivalries has UND lost besides hockey teams that switched conferences? Amazing how losers hide behind screen names and spew hate through non-factual comments! And Kris you should label who’s numbers are who’s? Besides out of 270 some games there are 16 games won more by one team? Who cares, that’s as close to 50/50 as you could get. Championships show who the “Champion” is and how many each team has.

  7. foreversioux

    Boy, it’s like junior high all over again. The loss of the rivalry will be missed by both teams and their fans. I understand that the Gophers left because of pressure from the Big Ten Conference. I blame them more than Lucia. Also, the irrational PC correctness that continues to pervade in our culture. The Sioux name hurt no one, but it and the University of North Dakota did more for the Sioux people than any other institution in our country. I felt the same thing when Minnesota high school institutions were forced to change their names. Warroad students rose up against it. If the Gophers had a name that was being unfairly challenged, I would defend their use of it, rather than play school yard name games by calling us the Whioux. In case Gopher fans don’t realize it, the reason why the teams of the WCHA were so strong nationally every year – because we played the best teams weekly.

    Now, go to your rooms for a time out and stop acting like such babies.

    1. Blackheart

      I’ve said this before but I believe Minnesota took the biggest hit of any team with the breakup of the old WCHA…they lost conference games from 4 instate rivals (SCSU, UMD, BSU, Mankato) as well as traditional rivals UND, CC, and DU who they have only been playing for about 50+ years. You trade bus rides to Duluth for plane rides to Happy Valley. Ohio State for North Dakota…Sure, new rivalries will develop, but there really wasn’t a good reason to throw away the old ones. Here’s to you Jim Delaney and Barry Alvarez for totally f*cking up the sport we love.

  8. iceicebaby

    Foreversioux has made the most sense out of anyone in these comments. The rivalry won’t be lost. The three to four year layoff will give all you guys time to search every YouTube clip to argue in the comments section. By the time we play again everyone will be worked up. Brad, keep up the good work.

  9. Drew

    Am I the only that is happy about not playing the gophers and no longer listening to their fans? They don’t care so I don’t understand why some of you do and continue to write about them and the BTHC. Yeah it was a great rivalry but I think our greatest rival is DU. Some of the best games I’ve been to were against them and I look forward to gaining new ones. I’m fine with UND not playing UM at all personally.

  10. fatmatty

    Lost in this bickering back and forth between us fans is the loss of the talk of the loss of the greatest rivalry in the greatest sport (in my opinion). It truly saddens me that I am not afforded the opportunity to drive to grand forks and be berated for wearing my maroon and gold! I’ve endured some horrific games there and have also been there for some good wins. In the end, big ten hockey really killed the landscape of college hockey. Eventually we will all adapt and the gopher/sioux rivalry will pick up again. Until then, I hope we see each other at regionals at the X this year so the gophers can do to the sioux what they did last time there! But dam I miss the mid season trip to the Ralph already!

  11. Gene DuBois

    Never mind Minnesota, UND fans should be concerned about a coach who will bring home a national banner, because he is consistently outcoached in the tourney.

    1. Greenbayguy

      He pulled his commitment over Labor Day weekend. Don’t think he’s re-committed, but rather opened his search. Some names mentioned prior to his Gopher commitment were Harvard, Boston College, and Notre Dame. Louie is book-smart, so he’s got some options. Sounds like this one is on Gopher fans who continually ridiculed the offer, and trolled him on twitter. Grandpa Lou can’t be real happy with the fan following!

  12. Huh?

    At the end of the day…it’s change! Deal with it or learn how to deal with it! I participated in a similar dialog when NDSU was no longer on our football schedule as many fans at that time called it the end of the best college rivalry. I know we are talking hockey and not football, but really has not playing the bisoon in football really affected our fan base? This too shall pass.

  13. Greg Loouganis

    Funny both sides in this argument North Dakota and Minnesota, who extoll the virtues of getting a degree in college hockey and staying away from the big , bad CHL where guys waste 3 or 4 years of their lives. Not a single one of Toews, Zajac, Oshie, Nelson ,Johnson, Okposso, Bjugstad stayed for 4 years and got a degree. You have to wonder why college hockey keeps putting these kinds of players up as great examples of ” college success stories ” when non of them have got a degree. Yet this is the great selling point you argue makes college a much better choice than Junior. Not one degree among them. How hypocritical. Pot meet kettle.

    1. Greg, I’ve answered this before, but you seem to ignore it. The college hockey argument is that if you are a top-end player, you will still make it to the NHL and make lots of money and be a great player if you go to college. If you do not make it, which most kids don’t, you will have a degree to fall back on. If you are a first-round pick like David Hale, you can go to UND for three years, go play in the NHL for eight years, and when your career is over, you only have one year of school left to get a college degree, not four.

      1. Greg Loouganis

        Brad, if you think any one of those players will be going back during their summers or after their careers and finishing their degree you are more naive than I thought. Just admit that those players used the system, they were 1 or 2 and out, and all it does is force the program to back fill every year. It also taints the Student Athlete tag and makes the schools look rather foolish, simialr to basketball and football, which are always chided for their professional approach to college athletics. Hockey is going the same way, but at least players have the CHL path to further their careers. See Vanelli, the latest in a long, and getting longer, line of players looking for a better hockey option. As for getting one or two years of school, you still don’t have a degree. That is the bottom line. And the number that go back to get it you can probably count on 2 hands.

        1. Greg, call my naive, but I just saw a guy do it last year. A first-round pick who left early came back and finished his degree in one year. It does happen.

          Yes, I will agree they used the system to perfection. If you go to college hockey and you are a super-elite player like a Jonathan Toews, Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, etc., you can develop, move to the NHL at age 19, sign huge contracts and be set for life. These are positives for college hockey. Coaches want to develop their players to be successful in their careers and lives. Toews, Parise and Suter all are very successful people. If you are lucky enough to be able to do that after two years of college, great. However, very, very few players fall into that category.

          The draw of college hockey is that you have both options. If you turn into a star prospect, you can go to the NHL and earn. If you do not, you get your degree. Many players do both: Finish a degree, then go to the NHL (or go to the NHL, then finish your degree in David Hale’s case).

          Interesting that you bring up Vannelli. I do really hope it works out for him. But tell me, who was the last kid to bail on Minnesota for a “better hockey option” in the CHL? It was a third-round pick named Josh Birkholz. He is currently 22 years old, playing on a one-year ECHL contract with no degree. How has the CHL path furthered his career?

          I realize some major junior people (yourself, presumably) hate that guys like Toews can go to college and be successful, but it is happening.

          1. Greg

            Brad, Burkholz made a bad decision. He should have used the money the WHL had for him to go to college and get his degree, they would have paid for the whole thing. Instead he decided to go slug it out in the ECHL. So that is his issue, not the the WHL’s. How can you hold that against a guy ? That is the draw of the WHL, play in the best developmental league in the world. If hockey does not work out by 19 or 20, they pay for your degree, whether you live in the US or Canada. Get your degree, then try pro hockey. It is fairly simple. All you do is delay school for a few years while concentrating on hockey. It is better than trying to juggle both and not giving one or the other your full energy. Vanelli has seen the light and many other American players are doing the same. It’s a win win for the player.
            By bailing i mean all the younger players going to the WHL and not playing college in the first place. There are close to 20 Minnesota kids in the WHL this year, and that number is growing and will continue to grow.
            I am surprised you defend the 1 or 2 and out guys, They are playing your system for the fool. How you describe them as successful is beyond me. Success should be a degree in your eyes, because guys in the CHL that are not in school (full time) are in your eyes wasting their time. So a guy who goes to university for a year and leaves is no different is he not ? No degree coming out. Take off the blinders. And , there are the middle of the road guys who leave, either for the CHL or for the minor leagues, before their degree. Not just the higher end guys. We can agree to disagree obviously. But the pendulum is swinging the CHL way more and more, that you have to admit.

          2. “How you describe them as successful is beyond me.” Seriously? Zach Parise just signed a $98 million deal and you don’t understand why I think that is successful? I have no idea what world you are living in.

            Birkholz is exactly the type of player that the WHL system fails. Here’s a kid, at age 21/22, has to decide whether he wants to make a run at playing in the NHL or take advantage of his education package. You say he made a bad decision? Then you also would have said Alex Burrows made a bad decision, too, because he was the same age when he chose ECHL over using his education. The CHL forces kids to make this decision. It can’t be a fun one. I’m guessing a kid in Birkholz’s situation, a mid-round NHL draft pick at age 21, having to decide whether he wants to take a shot at the NHL or go to school is not going to call it a win-win situation.

            If Birkholz (or any other player for that matter) takes the education route, he spends ages 22-26 in school, earning no money, virtually ending any chance of playing in the NHL. Had he stayed at Minnesota, he would have a degree already, he would be spending ages 22-26 earning money in pro hockey and he would still have a shot at his dream of the NHL (however slim it may be). So, both routes you get a degree. The college route you spend four extra years earning money, and you don’t have to give up your shot at the NHL.

            Have more top-end players jumped to the CHL in the last three years? Yes.

  14. Sioux-per-man

    I think the fans on both sides are pissed there will be no Sioux/Gopher weekend. It’s just sick how a handful of people can ruin it for everyone. The Gophers will always be our #1 rival – the Sioux made sure that the Gophers were the first team they played in the New Ralph.

    I’m thinking the Gophers box office are going to miss the Sioux fans this year when they have their outdoor game. Good luck selling out that crowd without the Sioux.

    Personally I’m glad they still have Lucia as a coach, I was worried Blais would coach them before he retired. Scary to think what Blais could do for that team.

    We’ll see the Goof’s in the playoffs if they are any good this year.

    Now…..what’s it going to take to get the Sioux/Bison rivalry back in action? Which was the second best weekend in college sports 🙂

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