Johnson Goes Into UND’s HoF

Former UND great Greg Johnson, the program’s all-time leading scorer with 272 points, was inducted into the school’s athletics Hall of Fame this weekend.

Johnson was in Grand Forks for the induction, and he was introduced by UND assistant coach Dane Jackson, a former UND teammate.

For a story on Johnson and his career, see this Herald article.

The Herald also did a video interview with Johnson as part of the new Beyond the Game series by Will Beaton. Check that out here.

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  1. Nodak Fan

    Good for Greg Johnson. My all-time favorite Sioux player. He played during a time (early 1990s) when the team didn’t enjoy much success and not a lot of talent around him. Johnson was one of those players that if he got a good scoring chance he would score. None of this “four or five chances in a game” and finally get a goal like some players of the past and present. His point total is impressive considering he didn’t have much help around him and was often keyed on by the opposition. Jonathan Toews is the most recent player that reminded me of Johnson’s smooth skill and ability to score when given the chance.
    He could have went pro early but Johnson stayed all four years and was a multi-Hoby Baker nominee. I also remember he was a very good student and earn a degree in four years. A class act and one of the greats!

  2. Sioux1

    Greg was a finance major and very smart and a great talent and all around great guy as I had several classes with him. However to say that he had no talent around him isn’t totally true as some of his line mates were Dixon Ward (career goals 110 and assists 109) Jeff McLean. Other teamates included Russ Romuniak, Neil Eisenhut, Dave Hakstol, Justin Duberman and Brad Bombardir to name a few. Not exactly no talent guys.

  3. yababy8

    Greg Johnson is my all time favorite Sioux player. He was the man when I attended school at UND and became a fan of the team. It was so fun watching him on break-aways, especially when the defender would try to pinch him into the boards. He muscled through every time like a wet pea being pinched. I always think of the time he flipped the puck up over the net and onto the goalies back from behind the net, it didn’t go in but it should have.
    I sure hope the school is planning on introducing him at a Sioux hockey game where he can be honored by 12,000 fans.

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