Preseason Polls, Etc.

The first preseason college hockey poll came out today for the women. UND is ranked No. 5, the highest preseason ranking in program history.

The rankings are a reflection of last season’s finish. I suspect most voters have no clue how to vote on this season, especially because it is an Olympic year and some top-end players will be missing. Therefore, they go with last year’s results.

Minnesota is ranked No. 1, UND is No. 5, Wisconsin is No. 7 from the WCHA (yes, the women are still in the WCHA).

We will chat a tiny bit about the women’s team on this week’s UND SportsZone show.


Former UND standout Corban Knight scored a shorthanded goal in Calgary’s preseason game against Ottawa. Knight is in a battle to try to make Calgary’s NHL roster out of the gate.


The Big Ten released its hockey TV schedule with quite a few games on the tube. Big Ten Network’s coverage significantly picks up after Jan. 1. Check it out here.


Minnesota announced today that freshman defenseman Tommy Vannelli has left the program, unable to balance hockey and academics. He’s likely headed to Medicine Hat of the WHL. Vannelli was a second-round pick of the St. Louis Blues.

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  1. Icebox Sioux fan

    In pure B1G fashion that article says the gophers won a league record 14th tittle. Too bad another former WCHA member won 17!

  2. Elk river Sioux

    How can the NCHC keep up with the big 10 coverage? Obviously, in Elk River we are down to 6 Sioux games this year on CBS and that’s it…

  3. Osh747

    Can’t fn believe NCHC didn’t try espnu first ect… whoever made this deal should have their job credentials seriously evaluated…embarrassing

  4. Wayne

    It all rests on Mr. Faison’s shoulders. He started this “mess” when he opted to go with Midco over WDAZ which had done a wonderful job for many years. Midco knows “nothing” about telecasting sports. Let’s look at the football game with South Dakota. It was terrible camera work and we missed so many plays throughout the whole game. The camera was fixated on the South Dakota coach pacing the sidelines and playing with his clipboard. In hockey they can’t sync the lip sound with the cameras. From having everything, we end up with hardly anything. In Fargo Cableone will not add Midco sports in any way shape or form and I can fully understand why. Midco is their prime nemesis in all the areas they cover. Any freshman high school television production class can do a better job of telecasting than Midco does. It seems even their camera men don’t know that they have a zoom in and zoom out feature. When I lived in the Grand Forks area I had football and hockey season tickets. After moving to Fargo I gave them up putting my family’s safety at the top of my list. The travel became too dangerous for all of us. After a few years I decided to let go of my tickets. But for the next 30 years, I never missed a beat when it came to UND sports due to the excellent coverage by WDAZ sports. All I have to look forward to are the 6 games that will be on CBS. That along with a whole lot of Housewives of Orange County, Housewives of New Jersey, Housewives of Miami, and Houswives of New York. “It’s gonna be a long cold and boring winter!”

  5. Drew

    OK, I get that CableOne will not air the Sioux Games produced by Midco. How about Direct TV or Dish Network? Will they pick up Midco’s feed and air all home games? Any information would greatly help me out! Thank you in advance!

      1. Wayne

        We might still have a chance in Fargo to view some of the home games that Midco does via Fox College Sports. That was how I got to see the last 3 UND football games. I’m crossing my fingers that we might get to see at least the home games that CBS isn’t doing?

        1. Wayne

          Right now I can catch UND Hockey with Dave and also UND Sports Extra. They are both on the Fox College Sports program guide and both are produced by Midco I think? Why would they be showing the pre season hockey show with the coach and not the games????

    1. Sioux4Ever

      If you are out of Midco’s area, you are stuck with having to buy the webcasts. Hopefully next year Fox College Sports can once again pick up all of the Sioux’s home games. 6 games televised nationally is ridiculous.

  6. The website can’t even keep up with coaches show. So I am worried about the HD webcast and all traffic that will be trying to watch that all I am going to see is a very pixelated screen or a buffering screen. If this is my only option, they better have improved there web capabilities, with lots of broadband available.

  7. Dan

    I wish Mr. Faison would communicate his plans for next year as it will effect my contribution meter. Webcast will be challenged when thousands of Sioux fans across the country try to sign on to watch the games. Maybe radio and Brad’s live chat will be the best option. I sincerely cannot beleive Faison understands how many out of state Sioux fans follow the team.

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