UND Unveils Special Jersey

UND unveiled the North Dakota Strong jersey it will wear to help benefit breast cancer research. The jerseys will be used for the Oct. 26 exhibition game against the U.S. Under-18 team.

After the game, they will be auctioned off.

UND junior forward Mark MacMillan has been key in putting the fundraiser together.

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  1. erik

    I would be impressed if the donation was for the study of prostate cancer instead of breast cancer. Breast cancer already gets twice as much research funds as prostate. This is even with the fact that the same number of men are affected with prostate cancer as women are affected with breast cancer. Amazing what good marketing can do.

      1. Torchbearer

        Hmmm, sour grapes… PLEASE support the “MOVEMBER” charity with their efforts! But in the meantime, find it in your heart to, at least, NOT talk smack about support and awareness for a disease that affects SO many.

        1. erik

          Not talking smack but stating fact. As many men are affected by prostate cancer as women are affected by breast cancer. Though all the attention goes to only one cause. By the way both my parents died young from cancer.

    1. EGFSioux

      Then get off your butt and do something for prostate cancer. Breast cancer probably hits closer to home for Mark Mac?

    2. ryan

      It is easier to do something for breast cancer because the awareness month falls during the season(October), while prostate cancer awareness month falls in September.

      1. Josh N.

        Yes, green and pink are the official colours of the university, however, green, black, and white are the official colours of the athletic teams. I personally think it’s awesome that they’re going to be wearing the actual colours of the school, even if it is just because of a breast cancer tie in (not that cancer awareness isn’t a honourable cause, just I think it would be really great if the athletic teams wore the actual school colours, at least for their uniqueness).

  2. Cory Holkesvig

    Looks nice good way to show support. This brings up a question when does UND get to choose or make public their new nick name…

    1. Sioux4Ever

      Do we even need a new “name?” When you say North Dakota, everyone knows who you are talking about anyway. And nothing will live up to the Sioux

    2. Shaun

      Ditto all replies. My hope is they come to an end that actually pleases the majority – which now is “no mascot or nick-name”.

  3. ndjetsfan

    Will the NCAA require that the names be removed from the backs of the jerseys before they are auctioned? Will UND play the game without names on the jerseys?

  4. Hayduke

    Good lookin’ jersey. I admire young men like McMillan who support breast cancer research by proudly wearing this jersey.

    Big thumbs up!

  5. Icebox Sioux fan

    Great cause! Good job Mac! Support them both I say. Speaking of support my vote is no logo other than the interlocking ND and we never have a nickname again. If we can’t be the fighting Sioux let’s adopt nothing else. The most honorable way to retire the logo and nickname is to adopt or choosing nothing else that’s plain vanilla sufficient to not upset anyone else. The storm the freeze the blizzard whatever. Lets just be North Dakota forever and that is the most noble way to retire it.

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