The Daily Dose – Thursday

The annual media day went so well on Wednesday afternoon that UND sports info director Jayson Hajdu didn’t even spill any food on his shirt or tie. We’ll see if he can ride that hot streak through Sunday’s exhibition game against the University of Manitoba.

Speaking of that game, the UND coaches are tentatively planning on playing 12 forwards and eight defensemen for that contest. That means there will be three forward scratches for the game. No word on who that will be yet.

The audition will be vital for UND’s defensemen. It’s a young-but-talented unit.

UND coach Dave Hakstol did say that, as of this moment, the team was healthy. That’s certainly a big plus. Recently, there have been a couple years where UND started in a bad spot in the injury department.

Hakstol also said that he’s excited about the players coming into the program and the ones that are back from last year’s team. He believes this should be a very balanced team. And it really needs to be for UND to have success.

Look for a lot more coming next week before UND’s season-opening series against the University of Vermont.

As I was conducting interviews for future Q&As, Tom Miller filed a football, men’s basketball and a men’s hockey story today. His hockey story is about the return of local players to the roster. Last season, there were no North Dakotans for the first time in 30 years. Read that story here.

Our Forum Communications brothers Pat Sweeney and Dan Corey put together some clips of interviews. Check that out here.


UND will wear green helmets and green pants at home this season. On the road, it will go with black helmets and black pants. Today, equipment manager Andy Rannells was getting the green helmets ready for Sunday, even skipping a free lunch to do so.


The Colorado Springs Gazette reported that Air Force will play an exhibition game Monday as planned, despite the federal government shutdown. According to the Gazette, the game might not feature the video scoreboard or ushers.

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  1. Cfm

    At Air Force, we weren’t going to be running the scoreboard for the exhibition anyway. With the smaller budget dished out last year, they’ve had to make cuts. That means no exhibitions and only half the crew for women’s basketball.

    Plus, it means I get to go to UND Volleyball in Greeley Monday night.

      1. MoSiouxFan

        You know what they say about Greeley, don’t you? It’s not a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there, either (just kidding).

  2. Hoser

    HA! Coffee on the keyboard and co-workers staring at me… On pins and needles waiting to hear how Jayson does over the weekend!

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