UND, Minnesota Eye Rivalry Renewal

The contracts aren’t signed yet, but UND and Minnesota have verbally agreed to renew the rivalry in 2016-17.

The plan calls for the teams to play in Minneapolis in 2016-17 and in Grand Forks the next year. Once contracts are signed, there will likely be an official announcement. The story has been posted here.

It is great news for fans of both programs and for those of college hockey in general to have the rivalry series back after a three-year break. In the big picture, the three-year hiatus isn’t overly long, especially when you consider what has happened to the NDSU-UND football rivalry.

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  1. Gene DuBois

    The downside is that you have a whole 4-year class of students who have never participated in the rivalry. Meanwhile new ones will have been made. All the oldsters will be involved, but the fire of the students will have been extinguished, much like the UND/NDSU football games.

    1. thecircus

      It’ll be aright…there are enough legacies attending UND to continue the rivalry spirit. You’re right though, I see UND / Miami becoming a big series annually.

      1. Gene DuBois

        The legacies are the greybeards who show up. Four years of students who haven’t experienced the rivalry and teams that haven’t played in it deflates it. It’s true that it could be kept alive in the playoffs. I agree the Miami/UND series could be great. Western Mich could be good too.

    1. Sioux4Ever

      That would be nice, but its a little too close to being a home game for the goophs. I know we have a good fan base in the cities, but its a lot more fun when at the Ralph

    1. Gene DuBois

      I have a hunch that if Lucia and Hakstol don’t get their teams a national banner in fours years, neither of them will be around for the next games.

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