Women’s Final: UND 5, LU 1

UND women’s team is opening the season against Lindenwood. Full lines and live chat are below.

First period

UND 1, Lindenwood 0 — Josefine Jakobsen (Susanna Tapani, Kayla Gardner) 7:35 (pp). Tapani held the puck at the top of the left circle and found Jakobsen camped out back door. Tapani made a perfect pass and Jakobsen tapped it in for the first goal of the season.

UND 2, Lindenwood 0 — Josefine Jakobsen (Susanna Tapani, Andrea Dalen) 10:53 (pp). Tapani, again at the top of the left circle, takes a big shot that goes wide of the net. The puck bounces off the end wall to Jakobsen at the back door and Jakobsen puts away her second of the game.

Second period

UND 2, Lindenwood 1 — Kendra Broad 5:13. Krzyzaniak turns the puck over behind the net, Broad skates it to the side and flips it in past an unsuspecting Amsley-Benzie.

UND 3, Lindenwood 1 — Layla Marvin (Lisa Marvin, Amy Menke) 6:50. Lisa starts a two-on-one skating up the left wing. The defender goes down to try to deny the pass, but Lisa skates around her and sets up a perfect pass for her sister.

Third period

UND 4, Lindenwood 1 — Gracen Hirschy (Susanna Tapani, Josefine Jakobsen) 5:39. After a wild scramble in the slot area, the puck comes out a couple of feet, where Hirschy picks it up and snaps it stick side for her first college goal.

UND 5, Lindenwood 1 — Andrea Dalen (Michelle Karvinen, Josefine Jakobsen) 8:32 (pp). Karvinen takes the puck to the net, where Dalen finds the rebound and picks the corner of the net with her backhand from down low.

UND’s lines

77 Susanna Tapani–63 Josefine Jakobsen–10 Andrea Dalen
3 Michelle Karvinen–51 Becca Kohler–19 Meghan Dufault
15 Kayla Gardner–14 Marissa Salo–11 Shannon Kaiser
21 Amy Menke–55 Lisa Marvin–13 Layla Marvin

22 Tanja Eisenschmid–18 Halli Krzyzaniak
5 Johanna Fallman–6 Gracen Hirschy
16 Tori Williams–9 Kayla Berg

1 Shelby Amsley-Benzie
29 Lexie Shaw
35 Amanda Koep

Lindenwood’s lines

9 Jocelyn Slattery–21 Alyssa West–12 Kendra Broad
5 Caitlyn Post–16 Lyndsay Kirkham–28 Jordyn Constance
15 Leah Elledge–2 Morgan Church–23 Saville Pickar
20 Holly Dietzler–11 Nicole Rash

25 Chelsea Witwicke–22 Brooke Peden
4 Carrie Atkinson–24 Katie Nokelby
18 Katie Erickson–3 Rachel Weich
8 Megan Cox

29 Nicole Hensley
31 Sarah McGall
1 Alexis Molotky

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    Hey – I just heard that Donny Lu is running in the Twin Cities Marathon tomorrow in Minneapolis. If you happen to be in the Twin Cities Sunday throw on your Sioux jersey and plant yourself on the running route. When you see Donny Lu shout:

    “Donny Lou
    Play the Sioux
    Notre Dame
    It’s Not the Same”

    Be there and be square! Let the fun begin!

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