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Short update today because I’ve been busy with a lot of other things (including speaking to high school journalism students… scary, I know).

Most teams in college hockey played an exhibition contest over the weekend to get ready for next weekend’s season opener. Only one result was really eye-opening. That was the University of Denver’s 2-1 loss to New Brunswick.

The Pioneers did outshoot UNB 38-21 in that game, but managed just one shorthanded goal. Fire Gwoz.


Colorado also happens to be the place where perhaps the biggest story in college hockey is currently unfolding. Air Force had to cancel its exhibition game Monday night because of the government shutdown, and now the Falcons may not be able to travel to Anchorage for their season-opening tournament this weekend.

Congrats to our inept government (I know that there are blog readers who are air traffic controllers and border patrolmen who are currently working for free, too).


The most notable performance by UND recruits this weekend came in the USHL, where Fargo Force goalie Cam Johnson posted a 34-save shutout at Muskegon.

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      1. Shaun

        They say 18% of the Fed is shut down, but that will change in a could weeks when they run out of non-expiring appropriation to keep going on. And no, not cool on congress et al!

  1. OmahaSioux

    On a side note Brad, I was at the UNO/NAIT game last night. If people think that UNO is a last place team in the conference, then this is going to be a fun conference to watch because they looked pretty good. Yes, I understand they were playing NAIT, but they’re forwards looked good and Guentzel was fun to watch. Massa looked good in net and so did Thompson his backup. Their D looked ok, but still moved the puck pretty well for their first game. This is going to be a crazy competitive conference and a fun hockey season!

  2. RJS

    This whole Air Force hockey thing really blows. My buddy and I are from Grafton and bought Airline tickets 2 months ago to go see Chad Demers play. October 25th is going to come pretty fast. We will be very disappointed if we don’t have a game to go to.

  3. SiouxperKev

    Hey Brad – love the Daily Dose segment! One can never get enough college hockey news. Any chance you will get time to update your news feed links? With the new league up and running, it would be great to read news from Miami (OH) and Western Michigan to read what their take is on the new developments in the league. Also, the links to UMD and SCSU news sources are basically dead. Rink and Run (?) was probably my second favorite news source so hopefully someone will resurrect that site. Also like the Puckato so drop that one. Anyway, just a thought when you have time.

    Thanks Brad! Your site is the best and only hoping to make it better.

  4. Sandman

    Alright, no disrespect to those currently working without a paycheck, but…last Saturday congress passed a resolution requiring back pay for all government workers affected by the shutdown. Everyone will get paid back pay once the shutdown is resolved. I will say, however, it isn’t fair that may workers are getting paid vacations when many CBP, Corps, and ATC’rs are still working. That isn’t fair.

    Now, yeah, the word traveled fast out of Denver. I already miss the dasher dancer.

  5. joe

    Don’t go political, please! I come here for hockey, not one sided agenda political opinions. Maybe you like passing debt and crappy healthcare to your kids, but I for one don’t. Hope they keep the slimdown for a long long time. If a crappy hockey team not playing is the result, so be it. Maybe Obama should cancel his next multi-million dollar golf game and donate the money to the government’s sports teams.

    1. Viking1

      I agree politics has no place on this great site, but Air Force has been a GREAT team (as well as an NCAA contender) for the last several years. Let’s not forget they lost essentially 1-goal games in the NCAA regionals to both Yale and BC two out of the last 3 years. THAT is overachievment…..

    2. Big D

      Hey Joe, here’s a solution for you……shut off Fox news and study up on your hockey a bit. And when you feel the need to get political, take it to a goofer blog.

  6. Onesioux

    Calm down Joe, the only one sided political post here is yours. Brad was simply pointing out that AF is losing games and its out of their control. Who wouldn’t be frustrated? Based on that I don’t know and don’t really care which way Brad leans. However, you made your bias quite clear. The losers are the players on that AF team who are losing part of their season. I know there are way worse things out there right now, but its just not a fair deal for those kids.

  7. Sioux1

    The alternative to Fox News would the rest of the entire TV news media so seems about a right that somebody should be right of center. NOW back to hockey!!!

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