The Daily Dose – Wednesday

I’ve started reading material to prepare for previews. The UND women’s team plays Minnesota-Duluth this weekend, and I read in their game stories from last weekend that coach Shannon Miller celebrated her 350th victory as head coach.

This means that the Duluth women’s program continues to ignore the NCAA sanctions that were handed down for using an ineligible player in 2007-08. The NCAA ruled the school had to vacate all regular season games as well as the 2008 regular season WCHA title.

A look at last year’s media guide (I don’t see this year’s online) will show that Duluth is still listing all of the 2007-08 games with not a single note that they have been vacated, Miller is still taking credit for the wins and that the school lists itself as the 2008 WCHA regular champs in several spots.

Obviously, the NCAA hasn’t been following up on this. So, note to the University of Minnesota and University of Michigan basketball teams: You might as well chalk up the wins from 1992 and 1997 and put the banners back up. Note to Bobby Bowden: Tack on 12 more wins to your all-time FBS record.


As of about 8 p.m. Tuesday night, the Air Force Academy players were operating under the assumption that they were going to leave for the Anchorage tournament today. No official word has come down yet clearing the Falcons to travel for the event because of the government shutdown.


The Mining Journal has a short profile of Grand Forks native Casey Purpur, a freshman at Northern Michigan.


Former UND forward Brock Nelson registered his first NHL point on Tuesday night, an assist during the New York Islanders’ 6-1 win over Phoenix.


Today, we had a good chat with assistant coach Brad Berry about the team’s new power play, what it did right and what it did wrong during Sunday’s exhibition game. That interview will air on UND Insider Weekly on Midco at 5:30 p.m. Friday. Check it out.

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  1. sioux_2

    A random thing here but if you could possibly let one of the neulion people know or give me a link to there support to let them know (Please!!!!) that there android app still isnt updated so we still cant watch games live on our android phones

  2. Nodak Fan

    Regarding UMD’s athletic department still counting victories and recognizing league titles despite NCAA penalties. Doesn’t the NCAA have compliance officers/workers that check on those things? But of course, women’s hockey doesn’t grab the attention as football or men’s basketball.

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