The Daily Dose – Tuesday

The new polls came out Monday afternoon, and as expected, Miami is the new No. 1 team.

That means a bit more hype will be added on to this weekend’s showdown between the No. 1 RedHawks and No. 6 North Dakota in Oxford, Ohio. I wrote about that in today’s weekend update, which is a new feature we are rolling out this season.

I’ve heard a few NHL higher-ups are planning to attend the series, which will be the NCHC opener.


The hot-button topic this week is fighting in the USHL after a player began having convulsions on the ice after he hit his head at the end of a fight.

Chris Murphy of the Fargo Forum did a nice job detailing the incident in this story.

With all of the new data coming from Boston University regarding brain injuries, and with stories like this happening, it’s probably only a matter of time before other leagues start adopting college’s fighting rule.


UND recruit Trevor Olson, who was thought to have sustained a longterm injury, is already back in the lineup for Sioux City. Olson played on Friday night and had an assist in Sioux City’s win over Tri-City.

UND recruit Shane Gersich also scored in his first trip to World Arena. The U.S. Under-18 team lost to Colorado College.


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  1. Stone

    Third graph, last sentence. “2005-06”??? Who’s not editing copy up there? Do I need to come back to the newsroom? 😀 …. Love the weekend prep on Tuesday. Makes me happy. Keep it coming, Schloss.

    1. Skippy

      No, he got it right. It is now 20013. You have been in a coma for 18,000 years. Brad’s head was surgically attached to Keith Richards’ body in 2048, and his immortality is proven scientific fact. Marilyn Hagerty wrote a column about it a few thousand years ago.

      Hak is still coaching — without a NC to his credit, but he’s still working on it — and we still don’t have a nickname or logo. Nevertheless, thanks to the great Meepzor alien landing in 17653, there is no more South Bend, Indiana, so the interlocking ND is all ours.

      You should be sure to check out the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean from our nation’s capitol in Old Bismarck. Don’t stay up on the top floor too long, however, as we haven’t had an ozone layer filtering radiation for some 17,950 years.

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