Miami Bookstore Kicks Off The Weekend

The coaches believe that UND and Miami can become a rivalry in the new NCHC. And the Miami bookstore is kicking things off this weekend. Watch below.

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  1. chad

    you can’t force a rivalry. denver is our number one rival int his conference because it has grown into that over the last 10 years. two teams that played a total of 5 times after this weekend and have never met int he post season can’t be considered a rivalry yet

    1. Tom

      One of the big reasons for the denver rivalry the last ten years has been gwozdecky, us sioux fans loved to hate him. At the same time most of us respected how good of a coach he is. I dont see the denver rivalry being as heated in the future.

  2. osh747

    its the beginning of a rivalry. top tier programs who can flat out recruit now banging heads. gwoz leaving simmers down the rivalry with du. he was responsible for 50% of the funny stuff that went on. denver of course is a good rival but i do think these prorgams will become a nice one as well with tiime. would be nice for und to come in friday and throw them around a bit and utilize our top notch speed . both teams damn good skaters.

  3. Greg

    Chad – the key words are ‘can become a rivalry’ – nobody is saying this IS a rivalry already, but the making is certainly there for it to become one in the future.

  4. Mike

    I believe this will be our biggest rival going forward. The Sioux-Gopher rivalry was a battle of the borders, yes. But it also came about with UND and Minnesota being 2 of the top teams in the division every year. Now with UND being ranked 6th/8th and Miami being the unanimous 1st place team, this will certainly become a great rivalry! Especially when it comes down to the NCHC tournament every year!

  5. StuckDownSouth

    UND and Bemidji are very close in locations. No rivalry. UND and Denver have a large distance between them in miles, but the distance in the standings, storied histories, and the race for high level players is very close. UND and Miami might not have the storied histories to compare (Miami has a ways to go to catch up in this area), but they are still recruiting high level players and there is a very definite line on the map. UND has maybe 4 players that come from east of the wisconsin boarder. Miami has a number of players from the east coast as well as texas, california, and a ton from illinois. it could lay some new recruiting lanes out there for kids who never got to see Sioux hockey before.

  6. Shaun

    What impresses me and at the same time sort of annoys me is the hype of Miami. I got my college hockey start up in Fairbanks watching the Nanooks (the awesome pre-game videos), but chose to go to UND after getting out of the Air Force. Back then, Miami was a joke. They suddenly, and I mean, SUDDENLY took off. They got an amazing goalie from the Fairbanks Ice Dogs, Cody Reichard who posted great numbers his whole career. That’s when things really took off for Miami and they have been impressive the last couple years. The other thing we have in common with Miami is that they had their nickname stripped from them as well. That isn’t widely known. They were the Redskins with passion for their namesake, but they didn’t get a decade-long battle like we did – theirs was taken in a very short time with force. I feel like they can empathize with us going forward.

    But its hard to have the kind of long term respect for their program that we have for other teams. They used to be terrible, like UNO, whom I feel is a legitimate contender for future rivalry in the NCHC. Blaise has really got hockey going and growing here in Omaha, where I live now. Lol. I remember back in 2009, when they came up to Fairbanks and forgot their jerseys! But these programs are up and coming. Its good for the sport, and its good, nay, great for college hockey. So while I have mixed feelings on the legitimacy of a long term rivalry with Miami, I wish the new rivalries passion and sportsmanship – like this paintball thing – which is a fantastic gesture to get things going.

  7. Sioux Fan in St. Cloud

    With all of the conference shifting, I can see why schools are trying to sell new rivalries, but its hard to manufacture them. Maybe over time they will develop, but new rivalries today seem to come about when there is some animosity. The Denver rivalry really got going with the Bina check from behind and that carried it for years. I don’t think Miami has any reputation of suspect play, and UND is less physical than in the past. So, I think this will be good hockey, but probably not heated.

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