Friday Night Rewind

UND put together a lineup with just one senior on the road Friday night at No. 1 Miami. The sold out, revved up crowd didn’t seem to phase UND’s young guys. UND pulled off a big win early in the season, knocking off the top-ranked RedHawks 4-2. Game stories:

Grand Forks Herald


NCHC top performers

3 points — Brendan O’Donnell, UND, 2 goals, 1 assist
3 points — Shane Berschbach, WMU, 2 goals, 1 assist
3 points — Michael Parks, UND, 1 goal, 2 assists
2 points — Brock Montpetit, Omaha, 1 GWG, 1 assist
2 points — Josh Pitt, WMU, 1 goal, 1 assist

Other notes:

  • One thing is for sure – this game lived up to its billing and college hockey fans have a lot to look forward to with UND and Miami playing two to four times every season. This one had lots of skill, lots of tenacity, a great sold-out crowd… it was a perfect PSA for College Hockey Inc.
  • Before the season, we mentioned several times what a key role the juniors would play in this team. They stepped up big time in Oxford, scoring every goal of the game.
  • Brendan O’Donnell has already surpassed his goal total from last season. He has three this year. He had two last year. He’s playing with a level of confidence he didn’t have last season. He’s only one point off of Rocco Grimaldi for the team lead in scoring.
  • Michael Parks was finally rewarded for his strong play with points. He had a goal and two assists.
  • I wrote a little bit about it in my game story, but one interesting thing for me was that UND didn’t mind if Miami’s explosive top line was matched up against UND’s fourth line. Early in the game, they had that matchup and UND dumped the puck in the Miami zone and had a chance to quickly switch, but they didn’t. All game long, coach Dave Hakstol was confident in the Steph Pattyn, Colten St. Clair and Connor Gaarder line, and for good reason.
  • Goalie Zane Gothberg came up huge several times for UND, including a pair of Miami two-on-one rushes. He made an outstanding save on Austin Czarnik on one of them. It looked like he was upset with the second goal he allowed (Nick Mattson told me after the game it went off of his skate, which makes it a tougher save). But Gothberg bailed out UND several times.
  • It also was a two-way street. During the second period and the start of the third, Gothberg left a couple of rebounds in dangerous areas, but the defensemen did a great job of moving the puck out.
  • I thought Miami showed why its a deserving No. 1 team in the nation. At times, they really had UND on its heels, especially late in the second period. It will be interesting to see if UND can hold off the RedHawks again.
  • UND has killed 19 straight opponent power plays, including all three RedHawk chances Friday.
  • One of my big pet peeves – officials at Steve Cady Arena refuse to show replays of opponents’ goals. There also are no monitors in the press box, so if you miss something live, you miss it. Since the Miami stat crew had to adjust 3 of UND’s 4 goals after the game, maybe it would help everyone involved if they showed replays (I think fans would appreciate it, too).
  • The attendance was a sold out 3,642.

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  1. captain obvious

    Its awesome that und will have 9000 more fans at the Ralph when Miami plays in GF. What a tiny little place they have in Oxford.

    1. joe

      I think you nailed it. No matter how much the big wigs and media want this to be a big time rivalry, it won’t be. Miami just doesn’t have the venue to support a sustained performance against teams like UND. They’re more like Michigan Tech, sure they’ve been good at different times, but nothing sustained because they don’t have the facilities and consistent potential for recruiting. It’s also a massively long drive for UND fans, making truly hating them (required for gopher style rivalries) difficulty. When your arena only holds 3,000 fans, the atmosphere will never be close to Mariucci, the Kohl, or Yost.

      1. It will never be a UND-Minnesota rivalry, in large part because of the location. But I couldn’t disagree more about Miami not sustaining it. They’ve finished over .600 each of the last eight years. UND is the only other team that has done that. They have the second-longest NCAA tournament streak. They have sustained it. Their venue isn’t huge, but it is nice. And I thought the atmosphere was significantly better in a 3,700 seat arena here than it ever has been in a 7,000 seat Magness Arena.

        1. Sioux4Ever

          The student section at Magness is a joke. Full one night and non existent the next. Miami probably packs the students in each night. Looking forward to heading to Ohio to watch us play there sometime.

      1. Angie

        I think small town (half size of GF) so only a weekly paper. But they could put some internet reports out daily.

    2. Tom

      I bet its a really cool place to see a game though. It appeared, even the upper level suites were right on top of the ice.

  2. Swenny


    One thing you might have noticed that could contribute to how confident the freshman were. Playing in front of 3600 is a lot like a USHL game. They may have felt right at home. Just a thought.

  3. Greenrain

    Captain obvious, you should know already that size doesn’t matter. We really are spoiled at UND. It looks like a nice rink. I would take 3000 crazies over 11000+ bored socialites any day of the week. It was a great game. Something to build on!

    1. joe

      The lack of atmosphere at the Ralph can be directly attributed to the Ralph itself. The energy always starts in the student section, when the REA opened, it was crazy! But, season ticket holders on the ends and suits complained that the students would stand the entire game and block their view. So now they have security guards policing the lower bowl, making sure students “sit down and shut up.” If you want the atmosphere back at the REA, just let the students do there thing. (Alum who spent 9 years at UND)

      1. EdinaSiouxFan

        The atmosphere in the Ralph is amazing!! I’ve brought Gophers fans, Badger Fans, Notre Dame Fans and the list could go on and on. They are constantly amazed and blown away. So no clue what you are talking about??? The minute I walk in, the atmosphere is electric and every single fan in there knows more about hockey then 95% of the country. I feel nothing but pride!

        1. joe

          I don’t think so. At times the atmosphere is amazing, but when the security guards wave the students to sit down, the noise drops quickly. Next time your at a game, take a look up at the upper deck of the student section. That’s how that entire section of the Ralph would look if they would let them. Remember the Gophers game in which Kangus’ phone number was released on the jumbo-tron? That game was electric the entire time, that’s what we SIOUX fans are capable of, every game.

      2. Gene DuBois

        It’s not just they were standing. The language they were using caused the adults to complain. People threatened not to come with their kids.

  4. G&W in Denver

    I’m liking this team with no stars. Interesting comment from Mattson on the maturity of the freshman. Not too many of us, athlete or non-athlete fell into that camp.

  5. Sioux4Ever

    Was nice to see the Sioux get at it right from the beginning of the game. Nice to get a lead so it doesnt hurt as much if you give up a couple. Hell of a job boys, looking forward to watching tonights game! Awesome reporting as always, Brad!

  6. Klring

    It’s too bad that a hockey program like Miami can only play in front of a few thousand fans. The atmosphere looked great last night!

  7. KooshnitZ

    I noticed that tonight’s game is available for und insider subscribers. Also saw the post that’s it’s available for iphone users!!?? Where do we go to see that on our phone the und website or Miami website?! That’s awesome if it’s true!!!

  8. Only honest

    Brad U must have not seen the us games in the right places then. And 3rd year players are not young. Some things will never change from. Unds reporter

    1. EdinaSiouxFan

      and some things will never change from fans of other programs posting on the site 🙂 I love all the interest though!

  9. KooshnitZ

    Thanks for the info. At UND sports when I go media player for iPhone is says playback in unavailable in this device. Will it only work for the live game tonight ?

    1. Twisco

      I contacted Neulion, the entity that produces the webcasts for UND. Apparently they haven’t got the bugs all worked out of their APPs for mobile devices but claim to be working on them. I wanted to catch last weekends games on my Android and when trying to download the APP I got a similar message.

      1. Bill

        You need to use the UND Sports apps to watch on iphones or Android. Neulion updated the Android one on Friday night and I was able to stream Saturday’s game.

  10. EdinaSiouxFan

    We can agree to disagree :). I’ll continue to say, there is no venue like it. We have our Gophers tickets still (in the family for 20 years) and our UND tickets. Plus in the last three years went to games at WI, Omaha, Denver and Colorado College and nothing was close to the Ralph.

    With all that said, I’m glad we don’t stand the entire game. The season ticket holders next to me are in their 70’s and have been season ticket holders for longer then many of us have been alive. Their stories are incredible and yet if they had to stand, it wouldn’t work for them. Around our section we all know them and they know us. We are like family. It wouldn’t be the same without them.

    Anyway, we are blessed. Great venue. Great fans. :). Go Sioux!

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