Gameday Final: Miami 6, UND 2

Tonight’s viewing: No TV. Webcast available on Lineup note: Nick Mattson is out with a lower-body injury. He’s day to day. Andrew Panzarella is in.

First period

Miami 1, UND 0 — Cody Murphy (Chris Joyaux, Taylor Richart) 2:24. With a delayed call coming to Parks, Miami takes it the other way and Murphy snipes one from way downtown – the top of the left circle to give the RedHawks an early lead.

Miami 2, UND 0 — Blake Coleman 15:02. Coleman lines up for the draw and takes it right by UND’s centerman and snipes one blocker side high.

Second period

Miami 3, UND 0 –– Riley Barber (Sean Kuraly, Kevin Morris) 3:40. Morris slaps a bouncing puck from the point toward the crease area. It goes off of the stick of a UND forward and Kuraly before coming to Barber, who has a tap in to make it 3-0.

Miami 4, UND 0 — Blake Coleman (Jimmy Mullin, Devin Loe) 5:29. Mullin snaps a wrist shot that sneaks past Gothberg five-hole and sits on the line. Coleman is the only one who sees it and knocks it in. Gothberg pulled for Saunders after the goal.

Miami 5, UND 0 — Blake Coleman (Jimmy Mullin, Devin Loe) 5:51. Coleman flips a backhand from a bad angle that sneaks by Saunders. It was the first shot he faced.

Miami 5, UND 1 — Colten St. Clair (Stephane Pattyn) 16:09. Off the draw, St. Clair gets the puck in the slot and backhands it past McKay from just above the hash marks.

Third period

Miami 5, UND 2 — Gage Ausmus (Luke Johnson, Michael Parks) 6:05. UND gets a lot of bodies to the net and the puck comes out to Ausmus, who moves laterally nicely to get space and snipes the first goal of his career.

Miami 6, UND 2 — Austin Czarnik (Cody Murphy) 10:44. Murphy beats a UND defender and finds Czarnik camped alone in the high slot. Czarnik snipes the corner of the net for his first point of the weekend.

UND’s lines

21 Brendan O’Donnell–16 Mark MacMillan–15 Michael Parks
10 Adam Tambellini–9 Drake Caggiula–19 Rocco Grimaldi
29 Bryn Chyzyk–27 Luke Johnson–7 Wade Murphy
13 Connor Gaarder–28 Stephane Pattyn–17 Colten St. Clair

18 Dillon Simpson–24 Jordan Schmaltz
2 Troy Stecher–6 Paul LaDue
20 Gage Ausmus–22 Andrew Panzarella

31 Zane Gothberg
33 Clarke Saunders

Miami’s lines

14 Cody Murphy–7 Austin Czarnik–11 Riley Barber
23 Devin Loe–25 Blake Coleman–20 Jimmy Mullin
95 Anthony Louis–9 Sean Kuraly–10 Alex Wideman
15 Bryon Paulazzo–22 Kevin Morris–12 Alex Gacek

8 Matthew Caito–5 Chris Joyaux
21 Johnny Wingels–2 Taylor Richart
55 Trevor Hamilton–28 Ben Paulides

35 Ryan McKay
1 Jay Williams

16 Responses

  1. joe

    How is there not a TV feed available. This is total crap! Thank you NCHC for the great TV options, the best two teams in the country, and no one can watch it. FAILURE!!!!!!!

  2. Wayne

    Yes, this is a bunch of garbage not being able to watch UND hockey. It’s been a family ritual for over 40 years. Then people make the remark to stream. Well, sorry but I already pay Cableone Fargo $181.00 a month and I’m not putting out one dime more. Case in point, my son and his family were visiting on Friday and we were shopping when game time rolled along. We went into a place and sure enough there was the game on a big screen TV. We found good seats and no later had we sat down than we were asked to leave because my grandson is only 13. No only have adult fans been thrown under the bus but future generations of UND hockey fans are also in jeopardy. They say you “love the one you’re with” so now I’m being forced to be a Bison football and Gopher hockey fan for they seem to have no problem getting local and national coverage. I guess all good things do come to an end.

  3. suture

    Take a pill Wayne. Not the end of the world. Besides, the Sioux were B-slapped last night….I’m OK not watching this…..:)

    1. Wayne

      Yep, I took my pill and flushed it down with dropping Cableone and adding Direct TV. That way I’ll get all the hockey I can handle plus my wife can be in the other room and still watch Housewives of Beverly Hills. It seems life does improve with age and to think I owe all of this to the loss of UND sports!

      1. Sioux in the Cities

        What are you talking about Wayne? We have so much more opportunities to watch games now that we have ever had. You wouldn’t have been able to watch last nights game any previous years, so why is it such a big deal that you couldn’t watch last night? And sorry, but I don’t think a bar asking a 13 year old to leave is throwing UND adult fans under the bus. Grow up man.

        1. Wayne

          I’m not referring to the adults but to him not being allowed to watch. I mean can a mad with a family take everyone to a bar to watch? And where the heck are all the oportunities to watch??? I have none when I used to see almost all. And I’m not just referring to these games but all the games. We have no Midco and won’t be getting one. From 50 plus games we’re down to 6. That’s what I’m referring to. You better re read my original post because you’re not understanding what I said at all.

        1. Wayne

          I haven’t made the switch yet, had the DTV guy out yesterday to see if I can get it and will be doing so within the next week or so. But I do have CBS Sports and very well could have been home and watched but it happens we were out having dinner and shopping as a group and my grandson wanted to watch the game and we tried to no avail. My main point is if you have a family and no coverage at home, it’s pretty darn hard for any family to see the ones that are telecast. In past years we’ve had no probem watching in the comfort of our own home. I read here where everybody says “stream!” Well that too is added expense for something that was always there and easily accesible at a modest cost. Those costs have already soared and now with a lot less for more money. I’m thinking about all those families with kids that need to find a way let them see the games. It is really a big hassle for them. Me, I can do without and will with no regrets. UND hockey helped develop my own son into a hockey player in the USHL and college. Now he’s still involved with coaching. I just hate the thought of it being so difficult for others to do the same thing. I feel for the kids in our area and others who don’t have the coverage that we used to have.

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