Four Finalists For NCHC Tournament Name

The NCHC announced today that the tournament name is down to four finalists:

1. NCHC Frozen Faceoff (too close to Frozen Four)

2. NCHC Final Faceoff (name of WCHA women’s tournament)

3. National Collegiate Hockey Championship (the… NCHC?)

4. The Fabulous Four (no comment)

Fans can vote for whatever one the enjoy the most at There should be a link to the voting page.

Admittedly, I surely couldn’t come up with anything better, but I’m not sure if there is a big winner out of this group. I’d probably prefer Final Faceoff, so I can use one consistent name for both the men and women in the postseason.

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  1. Name calling

    See how easy it is to come up with a name (Nickname) that everyone will like,. If indeed UND chooses, or is forced by the NCAA, to come up with a new nickname the process is going to be painful, especially the online comments.

  2. Dale Wennberg

    For sure you have to take the word “fabulous” out of the mix, but to use one word from each, it could have been the “Final Frozen Four”.

  3. Sled

    the names may blankety blank suck and are terrible, but this is not an avenue, nor an important enough subject for this guy’s disgusting language. Keep in mind young folks read this too – if you don’t have respect for them, then get off Brad’s blog. Better yet instead of cussing about it, how about come up with a suggestion yourself??

  4. Shaun

    TacoSupremo or whatever, was wrong last night. I hope he prevails tonight. Brad, everyone in the league is ticked off over the refing situation. Why the terrible calls in such multitudes.
    (and yeah, where’s the moderation on the blog posts?)

  5. Paul T

    The names definately don’t inspire a lot of gusto, but with that being said might as well keep it plain to the National Collegiate Hockey Championship that way there is no doubt it the NCHC championship game. Where is the site set to be again anyway cuz if its not a traveling championship series then the city name could be used in the name instead ….

  6. Sioux Fan3.0

    Paul, the Nacho Cheese Habenero Chip Championship is set to take place at the hopefully renovated Target Center in Minneapolis! Not the biggest fan of this choice of venue but like all Proud Sioux Fans I will make do and pack the house. As for the profanity that I assume took place on this website, to you my friend I suggest trolling uscho or some other fan base’s website that has time for that kind of garbage!!!! Please and respectfully take your services somewhere else

  7. siouxfaninMinot

    Frozen Faceoff – way too close to Frozen Four. That is also why Final Frozen Four would never work. It isn’t the FINAL Frozen Four…there would be one after it.

    Final Faceoff – This sounds like a movie title. However, it is quite possibly the best of the worst in this case.

    National Collegiate Hockey Championship – Wait, we want to name the tourney to have the same acronym as the league? Also, this sounds like we are trying to be pretentious in that we are naming the National Champion before the tourney has even been played.

    Fabulous Four – The Fab Four as a nickname? This was tried already, multiple times as the Fab Five. It can refer to the 1991 U of Michigan men’s basketball team, the 2012 U.S. women’s gymnastics team at the Olympics (also the Fierce Five), Duran Duran (compared to the Beatles (the Fab Four), the stars of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, a Greek TV Show, a movie about Texas cheerleaders, etc. Horrible!

  8. vbl

    Not real innovative picks, surely we can get serious and do better. maybe something with ICE in it….
    2014 NCHC Ice Final; 2014 NCHC Ice Breaker; 2014 NCHC Ice House Final; 2014 NCHC Ice Fest; 2014 Ice Crusher.

    Not saying these are the best but the are somewhat more imaginative.

    Better to take the time for a good name, with good discussion. Ignor the jerks all they want is attention,silence kills them.


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