Weekly Wednesday Update

UND sophomore forward Drake Caggiula is back at practice, working out on a limited basis. He is questionable for the weekend.

Check out the live chat with Herald writers from 3-4 p.m.

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  1. Siouxnami

    Couldn’t help notice that Rhett Gardner made Canada West and Gropp did not. Is it wrong to be happy about that?

  2. JoePilot

    Mick Hatten: (St. Cloud writer)
    1. North Dakota (2-1-1).
    2. SCSU 3-0-1
    3. Miami (3-2-1) … I have a hard time with them this low when their losses are to Providence and UND, though
    4. UM-D (3-2-1)
    5. Colorado College (1-3-0)
    6. Denver (3-3-0)
    7. Nebraska-Omaha (2-4-0)
    8. Western Michigan (1-2-1)
    Subject to a LOT of change

    How would you change this at all Brad?

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