Obama Praises Toews

This week at the White House, President Barack Obama had some high praise for former Sioux forward Jonathan Toews.

Obama said: “He’s still only, by the way, 25 years old. Now I don’t remember everything I was doing when I was 25, but I wasn’t doing that. That I’m pretty certain of. Incredible leadership on his part.”

Toews and the Hawks were at the White House to commemorate their Stanley Cup.

To read a full story on the visit, go here.

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    1. Sioux4Ever

      Thanks for setting that rule early…….too many people with their panties in a bunch last time. Only thing that matters here is hockey!

        1. SWMNSiouxFan

          Shouldn’t Prez be capitalized even if it is slang Mr. Journalist? Just kidding, thanks for the updates.

  1. MoSiouxFan

    This is off the subject, but………..Matt Greene got scratched tonight. What’s up with that? Is his stock dropping?

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