Gameday Final: Omaha 4, UND 2

Tonight’s viewing option: Webcast at Tonight’s lines: UND has all 12 healthy forwards in the lineup. Zane Gothberg starting in net vs. Ryan Massa.

First period

Omaha 1, UND 0 — James Polk (Aaron Pearce, Justin Parizek) 3:05. Omaha scores off of a rush when Pearce gets a step on the left wing, blasts a shot from the circle and Gothberg kicks the rebound out to the slot, where Polk has an easy time putting it home.

Second period

Omaha 2, UND 0 — Dominic Zombo (Austin Ortega, Jaycob Megna) 3:39. Gothberg gives up a bad one. Zombo throws one at the net from the boards, almost even with the goal line, and it goes in.

Omaha 2, UND 1 — Luke Johnson (Dillon Simpson) 11:50 (pp). UND has an extended four-on-three power play and keeps it in the zone. Omaha’s defenders are gassed and eventually Johnson walks it from the circle to the crease and beats Massa short side.

Omaha 2, UND 2 — Jordan Schmaltz (Bryn Chyzyk, Rocco Grimaldi) 17:37. Grimaldi picks a puck out of mid-air in the defensive zone to start a rush. He gets it to Chyzyk, who is coming up the left wing. Grimaldi drives the net and Chyzyk makes a beautiful drop feed to Schmaltz, who dekes the goalie and scores on a wrister.

Third period

Omaha 3, UND 2 — Tanner Lane (Ryan Walters) 12:31. Omaha is putting on the pressure and Gothberg loses his stick. Right as a teammate throws Gothberg his stick, he picks it up and a shot goes stick side before he could get ready for it.

Omaha 4, UND 2 — Josh Archibald (Ryan Walters) 19:05 (en). Walters dishes the puck to Archibald, who finishes it off with an empty-netter.

UND’s lines

16 Mark MacMillan–27 Luke Johnson–15 Michael Parks
26 Coltyn Sanderson–28 Stephane Pattyn–11 Derek Rodwell
25 Mitch MacMillan–9 Drake Caggiula–7 Wade Murphy
29 Bryn Chyzyk–13 Connor Gaarder–19 Rocco Grimaldi

18 Dillon Simpson–24 Jordan Schmaltz
5 Nick Mattson–6 Paul LaDue
20 Gage Ausmus–2 Troy Stecher

31 Zane Gothberg
33 Clarke Saunders

Omaha’s lines

20 Jake Guentzel–14 Dominic Zombo–15 Josh Archibald
17 Ryan Walters–12 Brock Montpetit–25 Justin Parizek
23 Johnnie Searfoss–19 Tanner Lane–13 Zahn Raubenheimer
9 James Polk–27 Aaron Pearce–16 Austin Ortega

8 Jaycob Megna–11 Nick Seeler
7 Michael Young–24 Ian Brady
2 Brian Cooper–28 Brian O’Rourke

31 Ryan Massa
1 Reed Peters

18 Responses

  1. Sioux4ever

    This is THE most uninspired team I have ever watched since I started following this team. Was absolutely embarrased to be at the game.

  2. Cowboy Trucker

    I was also at the game. Its not about winning and losing but how nice you look in your uniform. This bunch of players looks very handsome.

  3. Elk river Sioux

    The Mavericks beat them to basically every puck and dominated the first 30 minutes. The Sioux need to get their lunch pails back and work for a win, it was an embarrassing game to be at.

  4. Pathetic

    Hak has been riding coattails of blue chip players for years now that he has none doesn’t surprise me at all about this year or his coaching capabilities. But maybe they should keep him around til the 96 born blue chip class comes in & makes him look good again!

  5. Gene DuBois

    This has all the makings for an interesting season. Doesn’t seem to be one dominant team in the country. The last two undefeated teams got beat this weekend.

  6. Ed

    Questions for Brad and Tom at The Herald………..Why do UND teams play terrible early every year and have to rely on a strong second half? What’s wrong with this model? Why can’t they play well in November and December? Why are Archibald, Zombo, and Lane, who all scored goals for Omaha, not playing at UND? I would think the sons of former UND Captains would be heavily recruited, and lean heavily towards attending, where their Dads played. Except for Lane, The others should have been a lock to play at ND. Something doesn’t add up. It seems you are willing to be honest in your writing about the football program, but you just don’t dare write the truth regarding hockey………

    1. Not very many teams in the country dominate for an entire six months straight. UND fans should be happy that when the team has struggled, it has generally come in November and December, not February and March like Omaha. A lot of times, a lot of players have new roles on the team. As they adjust to those roles early in the season, the wins don’t come. By the end, they find their roles, the freshmen adjust to the college game, and start winning a lot. They haven’t always been terrible in November and December, either. A year ago, UND was 10-5-3 overall, 7-2-3 in WCHA at Christmas, which everyone forgets.

      Archibald and Zombo are both good players and have a longstanding connection with Blais. He coached both of their fathers at UND. That had to be part of the draw to going to Omaha. I know UNO offered Archibald before UND, and he went there. Would they look good on UND’s roster right now? Yes. But also keep in mind that, in their three years at Omaha, the Mavs have a losing record. Had they come to UND and produced the same results, fans would not be happy.

      1. Gene DuBois

        Coming back from a slow start may have worked in the past. But I believe D I hockey has undergone change, in which any game is a toss up. Yale’s championship showed that. It’s no longer a case where all UND, MN, BC, BU have to do is show up. #1 ranked Lowell got beat in their first game by…are you ready? Sacred Heart! The mass exodus of blue chippers to the pros as sophomores and juniors has finally taken its toll on the upper tier teams.

  7. Viking1

    Definitely a lot of parity this year. The Sioux will still be a force after the new year. I wonder if Saunders gets a shot today? No slight against Gothberg (as Saunders has faltered as well this year), but sometimes a shuffle like that motivates a team for whatever reason….

  8. Pathetic

    Brad why is it Minnesota’s team made up of mostly freshman can play well right off the bat they don’t need a half a season to gel!

  9. Had enough

    Brad,So at what point do you start holding the coach accountable? A guy that makes that kind of money should not only get his team to play 3 periods but all year! You said so yourself it was a winnable game but yet another one slipped away!

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