Sunday Night Rewind

UND went to Omaha down three forwards, and on Saturday, the flu took its tool on other players, including captain Dillon Simpson who was unable to play in the third period. But thanks to some very good play by UND’s remaining defenders and exceptional play by goaltender Clarke Saunders, UND was able to grab a 3-2 win. Game stories:

Grand Forks Herald

Grand Forks Herald column

Omaha World Herald


Other notes:

  • UND has now won four of its last five games against Omaha and has a 4-2 record in Omaha since the Mavs joined the WCHA in 2010. If you don’t include empty-net goals, four of the five games played between the teams in CenturyLink Center were one-goal games.
  • The biggest key in this game was that UND won the goaltending battle by a wide margin. Saunders was great. Omaha starter Kirk Thompson was not. The first goal was a misplay on Thompson’s part. The second one was not played real well by him, either.
  • Saunders continues to have Omaha’s number. Remember, he stopped 58 of 59 shots and 44 of 45 shots in CenturyLink as a member of Alabama Huntsville.
  • So, who are the other injured forwards who were unavailable at the end of Sunday’s game? We know that Michael Parks was one of them. On the live chat, we suspected that something was wrong with Mark MacMillan, but he was out there and was huge on the five-on-three penalty kill.
  • UND got some nice bounces in this game. The first goal comes to mind. So does the crossbar that Michael Young hit in the games final seconds.
  • Sunday’s game was the first time all season that Omaha did not allow a power-play goal in a game. UND only had three chances.
  • Jordan Schmaltz took a huge step forward this weekend. He was the best defenseman on the ice.
  • You know things aren’t going as planned when Coltyn Sanderson is out there with four minutes to go in a one-goal game, but he and his linemates did their job. Omaha coach Dean Blais tried to sneak his first line out there against the Sanderson line, but Sanderson, Derek Rodwell and Stephane Pattyn did not allow that unit to score.
  • It didn’t look like Rocco Grimaldi was going to let the team lose. He played with a chip on his shoulder the entire game, even delivering the contest’s biggest hit on Ian Brady. He also knocked out a glass panel in the third period after missing on a hit.
  • Officials wanted to review UND’s third goal, but the video replay system crashed at CenturyLink, so they had to go with the call on the ice.

20 Responses

  1. willythekid

    It seemed to me that the puck went off the skate but wasn’t kicked in… the had a couple of reviews on the webcast.

  2. David

    What’s the word on O’Donnell? I’ve been impressed with his playing and would love to see him back out on the ice.

  3. Mike

    I am wondering what Pattyn has done to prove he should be playing every game? He doesn’t produce offensively and seems to be on the ice a lot when goals are scored. Why has Hak never sat him this year? He seems to get the team in penalty trouble quite a bit as well. Seeing all the great players who actually demonstrate leadership, then seeing this guy, it doesn’t add up. I see a lot of younger players telling him to back off of opposing players. He needs to sit for UND to be successful.

    1. Mike

      My point is that he does not bring more to the table than Chyzyk and Sanderson. Why are talented players sitting with this guy playing every game? I would rather see Rodwell than Pattyn any day. My opinion is he is worst on the team.

      1. Joker

        I think the same frustration can be said for Kyle Radke when he was at UND. Guy didn’t produce points, was in fights, took stupid penalties, but you knew he would give anything for the team. I think it’s the intangibles Pattyn brings to the ice; you can tell that he is a leader and a ‘no b/s’ kind of guy who is willing to defend his team to the end. He wasn’t brought in to score goals, and I don’t think his +/- is that bad, but I haven’t checked it.

  4. Gene DuBois

    UND stays in the top 20 despite a losing record. Seems like an example of reputation over results. Much like Michigan at the beginning of last year.

  5. Trev

    Troy Stetcher played a monster game too at D man I felt dont get me wrong schmaltz did too hopefully Stetcher keeps that going

      1. FargoFred

        Who are the undrafted UNO/UND players still eligible for draft that Washington scout would have been looking at?

          1. Ryan

            Also, Montpetit attended the Washington tryout camp this past season and has been in contact with them since his freshman year.

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