Flu Decimating UND This Week

UND had 14 players absent from practice Tuesday, almost all of them battling the flu.

As previously reported, a couple of players, including captain Dillon Simpson, were vomiting on the bench during Sunday’s game against Nebraska Omaha.

UND junior defenseman Nick Mattson said that “it got a little messy” on the bus ride home with multiple players vomiting.

The one piece of good news at practice this week: Adam Tambellini will be back in the lineup Friday night.

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    1. Go Sioux

      This is a stomach flu…not influenza for which there is an annual vaccination. Influenza impacts the respiratory system.

  1. Maple Grove Sioux

    If it’s the same bug that just ran rough-shod through my family, the flu shot does nothing to prevent it, it is EXTREMELY contagious, and the worst of it only lasts about 12 hours. If 12 players were missing from practice on Tuesday, I’d guess everyone will be back at full speed (or very close to it) by Friday.

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