Gameday final: Duluth 6, UND 3

Tonight’s viewing: Midco Sports Network, webcast. Lineup notes: Only change for UND is Ausmus in for Panzarella. Full lines and live chat below.

First period

Duluth 1, UND 0 — Alex Iafallo (Joe Basaraba, Willie Raskob) 7:28 (pp). At the tail end of a power play, Raskob shoots at Basaraba’s skate and the puck goes off of his skate and to the net front. Saunders stops the deflection, but Iafallo gets the rebound.

Duluth 1, UND 1 — Dillon Simpson (Rocco Grimaldi, Drake Caggiula) 10:18 (pp). UND has an abbreviated power play for :52 and takes advantage. Simpson slaps a shot through a Caggiula screen to tie the game.

Duluth 2, UND 1 — Adam Krause (Tony Cameranesi, Austin Farley) 17:32. Mattson gets taken down in the offensive zone and it allows Duluth to go on a 3-on-1 the other way. Cameranesi drops a pass to Krause, who beats Saunders stick side.

Duluth 3, UND 1 — Austin Farley (Willie Raskob, Tony Cameranesi) 19:49 (pp). After Rodwell takes a bad penalty behind the play, the Bulldogs capitalize when Farley skates the puck to the top of the circle and snipes the blocker-side corner of the net.

Second period

Duluth 3, UND 2 — Paul LaDue (Mitch MacMillan, Wade Murphy) 7:08. Murphy made a nice pass to Mitch, who was standing in the left circle. Mitch’s shot hit Crandall in the face and flew all the way out to LaDue in the high slot. LaDue snapped it stick side for his first-career goal.

Duluth 4, UND 2 — Sammy Spurrell 18:48. UND nearly ties the game as LaDue goes coast-to-coast and drops a pass for Murphy, but Murphy fans on a shot and Duluth goes the other way with numbers. Spurrell, who didn’t play Friday night, snipes the glove-side corner of the net.

Third period

Duluth 5, UND 2 — Adam Krause (Willie Raskob, Tony Cameranesi) 6:30. A loose puck goes to Krause in the high slot and he quickly puts a shot on goal. The puck beats Gothberg five-hole.

Duluth 5, UND 3 — Bryn Chyzyk (Rocco Grimaldi, Dillon Simpson) 14:42. Chyzyk carries a loose puck from the right-side wall to the slot area, fighting off checks. When he gets there, Chyzyk snaps one five-hole on Crandall.

Duluth 6, UND 3 — Joe Basaraba (Alex Iafallo) 18:58 (en). Basaraba ices it by scoring into an empty net.

UND’s lines

29 Bryn Chyzyk–9 Drake Caggiula–19 Rocco Grimaldi
16 Mark MacMillan–27 Luke Johnson–15 Michael Parks
28 Stephane Pattyn–13 Connor Gaarder–11 Derek Rodwell
25 Mitch MacMillan–10 Adam Tambellini–7 Wade Murphy

18 Dillon Simpson–24 Jordan Schmaltz
5 Nick Mattson–6 Paul LaDue
20 Gage Ausmus–2 Troy Stecher

33 Clarke Saunders
31 Zane Gothberg
30 Matt Hrynkiw

Duluth’s lines

11 Austin Farley–13 Tony Cameranesi–26 Adam Krause
8 Kyle Osterberg–21 Caleb Herbert–25 Justin Crandall
14 Alex Iafallo–17 Dominic Toninato–18 Joe Basaraba
24 Charlie Sampair–27 Cal Decowski–28 Sammy Spurrell

5 Willie Corrin–7 Andy Welinski
16 Tim Smith–15 Willie Raskob
6 Derik Johnson–22 Luke McManus

1 Aaron Crandall
36 Matt McNeely

21 thoughts on “Gameday final: Duluth 6, UND 3

  1. Someone needs to send a message to this team and get their asses in gear. Completely uninspired play all around. Bad passing, completely dumb ass penalties, standing around watching the puck. I love this team, but if they keep this play up, their season will be over before the conference tourney.

  2. Perhaps people’s blood pressure will come down if they resign themselves to the fact that UND is going to be a .500 team this year.

  3. A split is an acceptable result, given all of the circumstances. There is just too much parity in college hockey right now. Unless its a mismatch between an established power and a fledgling/rebuilding program, it (split) will happen more often than not. A good example is St Cloud vs Huntsville this weekend, and even last night’s game was decided by only one goal….

    • BTW, some of you folks should probably take a look at the NCHC standings to get a dose of reality………

      1 Denver 3-2-
      2 North Dakota 3-5-0
      3 Nebraska-Omaha 3-1-0
      4 St. Cloud State 3-1-0 9 8-6
      5 Minnesota-Duluth 2-2-0
      6 Western Michigan 2-2-0
      7 Miami 2-2-0
      8 Colorado College 1-4-1

  4. Wow talk about hitting the post, I mean panic button early there boys! It’s early and this is a completely different team than most of us have become accustomed too.. New conference and a heck of a lot better competition! A few bright spots have been luke and schmaltz. The dudes will find their stride Hopefully sooner than later! One thing I’m looking for is some fn consistent goaltending for once. Getting sick and tired of these softies Please please steal a game and post a shutout for once Pull a miller, hunwick, Faragher for crying out loud. Saunders as we all know is capable of that, but is Gothman. Man up and motivate yourself Should be the rock on this team. Your letting Wilcox out-duel you. Sheesh

    • Saunders just stole a game last weekend, and Gothberg has done so already too. The only goalies in the country who are doing that on a game-by-game basis (thus far) are Mackay @ Miami, and Gillies at Providence. Other than that minor fact, you nailed it. The Sioux will be fine, and they are in 2nd place now with one of the youngest teams around. People need to see the big picture instead of expecting instant results…..

      • The big picture is that UND is 4-5-1. They’re in second place because they’ve played more conference games. That will even out. While they have a stellar tradition, the here and now is not so bright. They don’t have the horses of past teams. So the “We always start slowly” mantra doesn’t apply. They may be looking at 3rd place in the conference, which may not be enough to get them to the tournament.

        • Three years ago the team was 2 games below .500 at thanksgiving. Look how it ended. Its early, still lots of time to improve. I just want some consistency.

  5. Dubois, this is where I tend to disagree! 3rd may sound ok now but I do not believe that is where UND ends up. Tha gals just pulled one. Parity days in D1 says we can too

    • Parity suggests everyone finishes .500. But look at the results

      Granted Denver and CC aren’t having a great year, and Western MI is an unknown. Still, if the first four series are an indication, UND won’t get to the tourney.

      The BU series should be interesting, given that they are as far in the doldrums as UND.

  6. Here are all the fans that expect UND to be the top team EVERY year. It’s not going to happen. This is a building year. We only have 4 seniors and 7 juniors. Our senior class only has 1 guy that is a higher calibur player in Simpson. Our junior class isn’t very potent outside of Michael Parks and Brendon O’donnell. As far as our sophmore and freshman classes go, they are STACKED with potential! From Drake to Rocco, from Tambellini to Johnson. These kids are going to be the reason we win a national championship in the next 2-4 years. This may be a bold statement, but this may be one of the deepest teams we have had! The only problem for RIGHT NOW, is that they haven’t reached their full potential! When these kids start to come around, watch! Johnson is like a young Osh. Tambellini is like a Nelson. Cagguila is our very own mini Frattin. Rocco is another kind of player in his own calibur! These kids are going to grow into some solid players and I wouldn’t doubt if you see some of this years freshies put up maybe 30-40 points next year. The D is amazing as well! Once we see Stetcher hit his potential, he’s going to be scary good! Ausmus will bring back the physical play that we miss from Mac. Schmaltz is also a shut-down D man who has recently been doing very well as an OD. This team has all the potential in the world. We can’t expect them to come in year 1 and make the change. BUT, we WILL see big things out of these guys in the near future! I think we end up with an above .500 this year. We have had some bad bounces this year, but we will regain our status as one of the top NCAA teams this year. If Hak is good at one thing, it’s second halves of the season! GO UND!

    • Finally a reasonable post amongst the rabid trollmeisters. The UND lineup is stacked with talent (albeit young), and they will come around after they adjust, get healthy, and some good bounces boost their confidence. The other D1 coaches know this, hence their consistently high rankings. We shouldnt expect inexperienced fans to understand the learning curve (hence the negative, unreasonable commentary being posted here)….. :-)

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