Bad Luck Charm?

I started on the college hockey beat during the 2005-06 season and this is my fifth trip to New England.

When I first started covering the team, the Herald didn’t travel to every road game, and often times, the New England trips were the ones that we didn’t go to (or the ones they sent my editor instead of me).

In looking back at UND’s record during New England trips that I’ve been along and ones that I’ve missed, I fear that the powers-that-be will do whatever they can to block me from the Vermont trip in two years.

Since I’ve been on the beat, UND is 0-6 in New England in games that I’ve covered, and 6-0-2 in games that I haven’t covered.

New England games I’ve covered

L at Maine, Oct. 2010
L at Maine, Oct. 2010
L vs Yale in Worcester, March 2010
L vs New Hampshire in Manchester, March 2009
L vs UMass in Agganis, Oct. 2008
L at Boston University, Oct. 2008

New England games I didn’t attend

W at Harvard, Dec. 2008
W at Harvard, Dec. 2008
W at Northeastern, Oct. 2007
T at Boston College, Oct. 2007 (fog game, two periods)
W vs St. Lawrence in Hanover, N.H., Dec. 2006
W at Dartmouth, Dec. 2006
T at New Hampshire, Oct. 2005
W at New Hampshire, Oct. 2005

13 Responses

  1. PasswordisTaco

    Can we just send Miller on this trip? Just kidding. Have fun on the trip Brad. I’m sure you’ll enjoy some good food while you’re out there.

  2. UND Pilots

    If you must go, then go, but try something different. Sprinkle sparkles in your hair, wear crystals on your nipples, only tie your left shoe… You get the idea.

    1. SiouxperKev

      Well you know how wild and crazy Brad can get to secure a win so I’m guessing he’s tried all the above and knows which ones will pull through. I just hope its not… I cant say it, or I might throw up in my mouth a little more.

      1. UND Pilots

        If I had a dollar for every time I saw Brad with crystals on his nipples, I’d have, like four dollars. Ok, ok, five!!!

  3. N. Dakotan in Mass.

    Time for your winless streak to end! By the way Brad, put T. Anthony’s on your dining agenda. It’s good pizza and also a BU tradition.

  4. Beaz

    Best get back on the plane buddy. The boys need some victories!

    And how come the Osh didn’t hook you up with better seats?

    Go SIOUX!!! Time to reverse your bad luck Bradley.

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