O’Donnell’s Slash

Good video from Goon on the slashing call on Brendan O’Donnell. I asked O’Donnell after the game what the ref said to him. “He told me to get in the box.”

Hockey East referee Kevin Shea is the one who made the call.

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  1. Sparky

    Wow, that is one of, if not thee, worst call I have seen. The ref had full view of the play, if anything you could argue the BU player should have been called. Really, this is quite possibly the worst call I have seen in 40 years. Just pathetic.

  2. Sioux4Ever

    Based on the radio broadcast and the live chat, there were plenty of horrible calls and ones that were completely missed.

  3. northdasotan

    This ranks up there with one of the worse. I remember Vanek taking a dive against the Sioux, he fell to his knees and spun a circle behind the play with out another player around and got a call. The ref didn’t see him do anything other then spin on his knees. This ranks up there with that. I wonder if one of the other guys in stripes told the guy, dude you messed up.

  4. Mike

    The most frustrating part about bad calls like this is trying to explain the rules to people that are new to hockey. If you didn’t grow up playing/watching hockey, and you’re trying to get someone interested in the sport, whether they’re young or old, it’s hard to explain the rules, and calls like this do not make it any easier.

    1. Joe

      My wife and I didn’t grow up playing/watching hockey and learned to love Hockey at the REA as students. We do not understand very many of the rules. We’ve looked them up over the years, but they don’t seem to really matter that much during a game. It’s hard to be a fan when things don’t make a lot of sense. It’s really frustrating for us to see two similarly played games, and see them called completely differently. How do refs sometimes “let them play” and sometimes “call everything.” To us, they should simply call all penalties, period. Otherwise, you get the feeling that the Refs are intentionally trying to choose the outcome of the games.

  5. Joe

    I would like an official public apology from the NCHC and NCAA. Admit the screw up so we can all move on, just like in major pro sports you should be accountable to bad calls.

  6. Gene DuBois

    Officials will always make bonehead calls. Remember umpire Erik Williams whose strike zone was six inches off the plate? More important here is the reactions of the players. Sure you get ticked, but it just compounds the problem if you go after the ref.

  7. Trickey7

    Hockey East officials, in my opinion, call games like basketball games. Typically not a good idea to throw a check all game. That is a horrible call!

  8. Wilbur

    For the point where the game was at (3 minutes left in the third in a tie hockey game. Easily the worst call I’ve seen.

    Congrats Mr. Shea.

  9. yababy8

    Somethin I wish to see in my lifetime:
    A player in some competition where referees are employed who is involved in a play where an opponent is penalized for an infraction that did not occur and to see the player approach the referee and say, “hey ref, that didn’t happen”
    -what a world that would be huh?

  10. Seattle51

    BU definitely had the advantage of HOMER REFS, but Jeez North Dakota, You have to adapt to the way the officials call the game. Not much you can do about the call on O’Donell, thats just BS, I hope those refs face diciplinary actions.

  11. siouxfaninMinot

    That reminds me of the game that Ryan Duncan committed a penalty from the bench…still trying to figure that one out.

  12. RR

    Terrible call. Should have been a slashing call on the BU player. I am surprised that O’Donnell wasn’t penalized for shoving the linesman though.

  13. Mike

    I don’t get how this is the worst call ever…. It is unfortunate, but it is not the worst call I have seen. Must be a lot of those REA fans on here…. Not UND Hockey fans…. Obviously the players stick breaks in half, which usually results in a penalty. As you can see, the ref is behind the net where his view is being obstructed by either the D man or the goaltender. It is obvious to us in the replay that O’donnel didn’t do it. From the angle the ref was calling, it could have easily looked like a slash from O’donnel. It is obvious that the stick was broken due to a slash the way it hit the ground in 2 seperate pieces. One player was going to get a penalty no matter what. It just so happened they got the wrong guy. This is not a bad call, just the wrong call. I have seen Macwilliam hit people, and because he hits so hard, it results in a penalty. Those are terrible calls! This was not that bad given the refs position and that the Defenders stick was broken in half.

    1. Mike

      The way everyone has been talking about this, I thought I would see a stick lift right in front of the refs face or something that got called. This play was easily confused from the refs position.

    2. I think this is far, far worse than MacWilliam’s penalties. I think that’s a much more difficult call. The ref is in totally fine position to make this call and it is very easy to see from his position that O’Donnell’s stick is on the ice, incapable of slashing anyone. And if he didn’t see the actual slash happened, no call should be made. You can’t just make things up. That’s what he did here. He made something up that he obviously did not see. It’s a very bad call.

  14. Sioux-per-man

    Did they score on the Power Play? Did we lose the game because of it?

    Yes, they made a mistake. Do the Ref’s ever say they made a mistake?

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. BU did not score on the power play. UND did not lose the game because of it. But we’ll never know if those two minutes wiped out a potential GWG for UND. Certainly possible in a game where they threw 25 shots on goal in the third period alone.

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