Midco Coming To Fargo

Good news for UND fans in Fargo: Midco is coming.

Midcontinent announced today that it will start working on expansion into Fargo this spring when the ground thaws and will implement cable and internet service to the city over the next four years.

Midco broadcasts all home UND men’s hockey games (as well as some road ones), football games and some basketball and women’s hockey games, too. Right now, CableOne is freezing Fargo out of coverage.

Midco has a much better overall channel selection than CableOne, including Midco Sports Network.

Of course, this still doesn’t change the fact that the NCHC needs to get rid of its exclusivity clause for national broadcasts and the CBS Sports Network. But the Midco news should be welcome to those who live in Fargo.

For more, check the Forum’s story.

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  1. Sioux4Ever

    Hopefully they can get something in place with Fox College Sports again….although FCS needs to update their stuff and get HD. Everything still looks terrible on those channels.

    1. DaveK

      Everything looks terrible on those channels? Did you even watch TV at all back in the ’70s and ’80s or was it not good enough for your standards? People should just be grateful that the games are on at all. Who cares if it is HD or not?

      1. Sioux4Ever

        When they don’t broadcast in high def and you have to watch normal channels on a high def tv, it doesnt look great. Obviously you are taking it way out of context. I never said it was absolutely the most horrible thing ever to watch. But with technology these days, get with the times.

  2. Bruce

    I hope they will have ESPN3 for Bison playoff games on basic cable. Poor people are left out in the cold and are not able to watch playoff games in Fargo due to the high price of premium channels. The Fargo Dome is just too small for all who want to go to the games nowadays. Sad!
    A Bison fan.

    1. Mike

      ESPN3 is not a cable channel, basic or premium. It is only available on the internet and only available to internet providers who subscribe to the service. Mid Continent offers the internet service and Cable One recently added it sometime at the beginning of 2013.

  3. yababy8

    Now we know why MIDCO acquired The broadcast rights to Sioux hockey.
    Well fine then, use us to gain market share in Fargo but then show us some respect and do the following:
    1. Hire Sweeney! We all really miss him:-( and besides the dude was the consummate professional and Sioux fan. I really do miss the attitude he brought to Sioux telecasts. No offense Hammer we just love the guy.
    2. Get the HD quality to the top level for Sioux telecasts.
    3. Try really hard to get us on a satellite provider.
    4. Lobby very hard to get a waiver from CBSportsTV to allow your broadcasts to be on FCS(at least on nights when they are not showing any College Hockey telecasts at the same time.
    5. (Just because this is the last request don’t discount its importance),
    Get rid of the “get on your feet” song. We all are So tired of hearing it. It is painful!! I think it is worse than the Macarena!… I just cannot understand how you can simply ignore what your viewers are saying to you. I think?? we have been very clear and collective about our hate for the song? You do realize that many on SS.com have attempted to communicate this to you right? And you do further realize that (from my measures anyway) there have been ZERO defenses of the tune correct??
    If you need help with another tune I could help. I don’t have really any experience in such endeavors however I do know that some sort of crescendo is required for pretty much any tune used in sports.
    Picture the get on your feet tune in your head and sing along;
    it’s the-same-thing! it’s the-same-thing! it’s the-same-thing! (cheep electric guitar twing-n-beat).. ARE you LISTENING???%$#!@$#!..CAN you HEAR us?…
    Hey somebody start a poll on SS.com,
    Should Midco lose the song? or Love it-don’t care-hate it?

  4. Ethan

    I suspect that MidCo’s entry will accelerate when CableOne upgrades the system in Fargo. My understanding is that the system is currently is maxed out so there’s no bandwidth available to add HD channels.

    I doubt CableOne will ever add the MidCo sports channel now. It sounds like a major reason CableOne hadn’t previously added it is that MidCo said that all their commercials would need to be shown. It may no longer be a possibility for CableOne to add the channel based on yesterday’s announcement.

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