NCHC Top Goals Of The Week

Here are the top five goals of the week in the NCHC.

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    1. cfm

      Several people from both within and outside the NCHC office watch all of the goals from each weekend. They then rank theirs separately and share their rankings with the group. Then there’s some debate until people are comfortable with a group of goals. Then they figure out the rankings and if there are questions people can try and justify why they picked a video #1.

      I’ve found over the weeks that there is rarely one goal that stands out as #1. Austin Czarnik easily could have 3 #1 goals.

  1. Mike

    I absolutely love this segment. I love it even more when a UND player makes it! Thanks Brad for making this happen and putting everything together like you do! I know you don’t make the video but you bring it to our attention!

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