Watkins Scores Teddy Bear Toss Goal

Former UND alternate captain Matt Watkins became the third former UND player (to my knowledge) to score a Teddy Bear Toss goal.

Watkins scored the first goal of the game for the Hershey Bears, which set off the Teddy Bear Toss — an event where fans throw teddy bears on the ice, which are collected for children of need.

You can watch Watkins, with his usual mustache greatness going on, comment on the goal here.

News organizations say that nearly 13,000 teddy bears were tossed on the ice.

Chay Genoway and Evan Trupp also have scored Teddy Bear Toss goals in their careers.

2 Responses

  1. SiouxperKev

    Awesome promotion I have to say! In doing a search, I seen the same promotion just happened with the Calgary Hitmen. Last Sunday, 17,000 fans tossed out 25,921 bears. I cant imagine being down by the glass. I’d think a few fans had to go in for a rotator cuff injury after having to toss all the bears that didn’t make the ice on the first attempts.

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