Chyzyk Suspended Indefinitely

UND sophomore forward Bryn Chyzyk is facing a charge of theft of less than $250 and has been suspended indefinitely from the team.

Chyzyk pleaded not guilty to the charge today and a trial is scheduled for Feb. 19, according to the Herald’s Steve Lee.

According to Lee’s report, Chyzyk ran out on a cab bill estimated at “about $4” by the company’s owner.

Chyzyk had played in 13 of 16 games this season, registering two goals and four points.

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  1. Indyguy

    Wow this stinks. Over a simple cab ride. He’s being punished swiftly though & I like that.

    Paul Ladue was suspended last Fri for a loud party type violation, right? How come NDSU fb player Leevon Perry hasn’t been suspended yet….nor has it even been brought to light by Fargo media….that he got ANOTHER loud party conviction on 11/25. His 3rd such violation in addition to his DUI & minor. All public record.

      1. GoSioux13

        Allowing smack talk about the school to the South of us and you adding to it on your own blog? Really? Try acting a little more professional Mr. Schlossman.

    1. Viking1

      NDSU football is a joke; they take themselves WAAAY to seriously. The only major sport in North Dakota is Sioux hockey, and that’s the way it will always be….

  2. SportsDoc

    Why do I get the feeling being out on a Sunday night at 2am, possibly impaired, is a big part of the suspension, not just the $4. Though neither shows great judgment. Sheesh Boo-Boo.

    1. MHS

      Courts usually have certain days of the week they handle things like this and they fill up pretty fast. After spending some time working for a judge over the summer, in a busy county it can often be 4-5 months before a trial.

  3. Viking1

    He is definitely paying dearly for a meatheaded mistake, but it was dealt with quickly and should be resolved shortly. College hockey coaches have an extremely low tolerance for shenanigans these days, and that makes the sport far more credible than basketball/football…….

  4. Dave

    Or maybe a certain newspaper in Grand Forks is too busy investigating the NDSU president than reporting a DUI by the HEAD Coach of the UND volleyball team. Also all public record.

      1. SiouxFan

        Funny….thats exactly where I remember that coming from…from discovery to his resignation, all in the herald…I’ve been living out of state for 10+ years….good to see NDSU still has a huge inferiority complex…..maybe they can contact Rocky Hagar and see if he wants to take over a football program…i mean, he definitely has experience with NDSU football players and the Fargo courts.

  5. StuckDownSouth

    Things sure can get off on a tangent. This has nothing to do with NDSU. It has to do with a kid making a very poor decision over a couple bucks, which the $$ amount really has nothing to do with it, and now the kid is going to pay for it. As a coach i would be more concerned with his decision making ability… both on and off the ice…. if this is the type of decision he makes. I would make him skate until he pukes for his practices until he comes back.

  6. Chad

    Don’t make this about NDSU. Suspending someone from a game or two of a long hockey season isn’t the same as a relatively short football season. If NDSU lets players get off with no punishsment, that’s there problem. Makes them look stupid if that’s what they are doing. I hope UND makes a very strong statement with this young man. From my understanding he already has two alcohol related charges and now this. I, personally, don’t like how stupid actions like this are a black eye to a great program. He can sit for the rest of the year as far as I’m concerned. Send a message to other players that this stupidity won’t be tolerated.

    1. Viking1

      Its a shame NDSU’s athletic department is so clueless. Can you imagine the rivalry a D-I hockey program there would have with the Sioux?

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