NCHC picks name: Frozen Faceoff

During this weekend’s series, the NCHC announced the name of its postseason tournament — the NCHC Frozen Faceoff.

Either that or NCHC Final Faceoff were the two best options. Since the WCHA women use Final Faceoff, I’m not surprised that the NCHC went another direction.

It’s a good idea to brand the tournament, but it will probably take a while to catch on. Everyone is so used to the Final Five.

As was previously reported, the tournament will be held at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis.

7 thoughts on “NCHC picks name: Frozen Faceoff

  1. ‘Fabulous’ has one or two syllables too many for a lot of our friends from the plains. And its my understanding that ‘Closeted Rural Faceoff’ is trademarked.

  2. So the NCHC tournament will share a name with a Spongebob episode. I don’t have too much of a problem with the name, but I’ll always think of Spongebob every time I hear it.

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