Scheels Arena To Host 2015 NCAA Regional

UND will host the 2015 NCAA regional at Scheels Arena in Fargo.

UND worked on this bid in conjunction with Ralph Engelstad Arena and Scheels Arena.

That means if UND makes the NCAA tournament next season, it will automatically be placed in Fargo.

On the other side, the UND did NOT get picked to host a Women’s Frozen Four. Although there were only four finalist cities and four years to be picked, the NCAA decided to go to Ridder Arena twice.

Below is the summary of what was decided today:


2015 NCAA regionals
Providence, R.I.
Manchester, N.H.
South Bend, Ind.
Fargo, N.D.

2016 NCAA regionals
Albany, N.Y.
Worcester, Mass.
St. Paul
FROZEN FOUR — Tampa, Fla.

2017 FROZEN FOUR — Chicago

2018 FROZEN FOUR — St. Paul


2015 — Minneapolis

2016 — Durham, N.H.

2017 — St. Charles, Mo.

2018 — Minneapolis

22 Responses

    1. Ethan

      Not surprising when you consider they did put the men’s basketball Final Four in Texas 3 times in a 6 year span and 4 times in 9 years.

  1. Kyle

    What a shame!!!!! Happy to see Fargo on the list but the women got screwed!!! The Ralph must be a dive compared to ridder.

  2. Frankie in Fargo

    Guaranteed crowd in Minneapolis + easy air in and out for eastern teams + known entity and familiarity with staff and host = no-brainer. If the 2015 regional in Fargo goes well, then you will see more hosting opportunities, but do one well first than get the rewards.

      1. Shaun

        Actually, Walrus, its something I think about every year. If you think making the tournament is a given or is somehow an expectation, you’ve got another thing coming. It comes with hard work and effort, not legacy and profit potential. Get a clue.

        1. Walrus

          I have no “clue” what you’re babbling about. You should be more focused about making it this year rather than making a statement about next year’s team already, so go unwind yourself.

    1. Tim French

      I work in Notre Dame about every couple of months… The NCAA loves this school. When you challenge the legal authority of the NCAA the repercussions will last for many, many years. In regards to their football team in Notre Dame, many local residents (at least some of who I work with) can’t stand that many of them get away with just about everything… Most is covered up by the relationship the University has with the local law enforcement. The whole volleyball coach resigning at UND is rediculous… Get him some treatment, demand he gets his license situation addressed and move on. Was there poor oversight since his DUI from 2012… obviously. No reason to force a resignation. The guy should stay. We see schools, coaches, and players that get away with more than this everyday and they get the help they need… I love college sports but somedays its a circus…

  3. JR

    NCAA darling Notre Dame gets a pass on the ‘no campus sites’ rule. Ridiculous, but not at all surprising. Also not surprised to see that the NCAA is still harboring ill will toward UND/REA over the Sioux nickname and logo.There is no reason why Ridder Arena should have been awarded a third women’s Frozen Four over REA.

    It will be interesting to see if any other college hockey programs question the NCAA on making an exception for Notre Dame. I’m sure Michigan would love to host at Yost, BC at Conte Forum, Wisconsin at Kohl Center, etc.

  4. Tim French

    Schloss, you mentioned on your twitter account that possibly the NCAA is still punishing us for the nickname as maybe the reason the Ralph didn’t get picked. I agree and they don’t have to provide any reasoning or justification for why they have decided on these venues to host. The NCAA is so political it makes me sick. I hope I live to see the day the NCAA goes down and the money made off these student athletes starts funneling back into the institutions and athletes pockets themselves.

      1. Tim French

        Shortsighted… Before you make any personal comment towards me get to know me logic. (Note Tim French is my real name; look it up) The NCAA is too big and powerful. It needs more oversight.

    1. Sioux4Ever

      Because the NC$$ has decided to walk all over The Sioux while handing Fighting Irish, not offensive at all….., the ability to play in their home rink.

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