NCAA: REA Is Too Large

An NCAA representative told the Herald today that the main reason why Ralph Engelstad Arena was not picked to host an NCAA Women’s Frozen Four from 2015-18 is because the committee felt that the building was too large.

The committee felt that, at this time, it couldn’t fill enough seats to make it a viable site for the championship.

When I mentioned that Family Arena in St. Charles, Mo., seats 9,643, which isn’t that far off of REA’s 11,640, the rep said that the committee was excited about the backing of the St. Louis Sports Commission for the event in St. Charles.

So, next time the event comes up, UND may have to try to put up a bid for Scheels Arena in Fargo as well as one for Grand Forks.

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  1. forever sioux

    It smells alright, like driving by a pig farm in the summer. Wait and see what the attendance will be in St. Charles, Mo. When will the catchphrase “St Charles, Women’s Hockeytown USA” finally catch on?

  2. SIOUX94

    So, not filling up seats at sites for women’s games is a concern but having men’s games at sites where there is no fan base to fill up seats is not. Just another example of the incredible logic of the NCAA!

  3. Sioux-per-man

    Brad – who are these decision makers at the NCAA? Do they even HAVE a college education? It boggles the mind where they put the men’s regionals, where no fan exits with in 800 miles, and now they avoid a top tier facility that USA hockey will use, but not NCAA does not. Because its too Big? Please share their names.

  4. noblindersonme

    I agree with the others Brad. Name names! WHO is that NCAA representative? Let him say that for the record. If he was misquoted or whatever , let him get out and state his case. Why is this whole thing so murky?
    When The Final Four does draw pitiful crowds at the places THEY preferred I and others sure would like a face and name to go with the screwup.
    So much of sports today is piling on blame onto those who put their ass on the line. Why should these guys be spared ?
    A team’s general manager trades for players who then get hurt and the team tanks , so the GM gets fired, but the NCAA makes a terrible planning /scheduling decision and nothing happens to them?

  5. Sparky

    The explanation provided is the same kind of hackneyed gibberish the NCAA has thrown at UND (and western hockey in general) for many years. Do you REALLY think the size of the arena was the reason why St. Louis was picked over The Ralph? Of course not, St. Louis assuredly has more people in positions of influence with the NCAA than GF/UND ever muster. Whoever has the most influence with the NCAA will end up with the lion’s share. The level of quid pro quo that occurs with NCAA has reached levels that are almost hard to believe. College hockey is no different than any other business in this regard, “who you know” will always trump any tangible factor such as having a superior facility to hold a national tournament. Unfortunately, UND/GF does not possess as many inroads to these ever-so-important positions of influence compared to most other schools and/or cities around the country. This is just the way it is and it likely won’t change anytime soon.

  6. erik

    As if it would have drawn anything in GF unless UND was in it. UND/REA are going to be paying for its insubordination for years to come. They tried to tussle with the big dogs while they were still peeing like a puppy. The big dogs will ignore the puppy nipping at their cajones for only so long before they decide to put the pup in its place. Now you see the place.

  7. Northdasotan

    I would guess the REA would sell out. Is the NCAA afraid of too many ticket sales? Women’s hockey or not the community would support the tournament. This does stink like a pig farm in the summer. I don’t pay attention to the NCAA other then what I read here. Can anyone tell me what they do that is so great that they are still governing college sports.

  8. Sioux Fan3.0

    I’m going to have to take the full blame for this one fans! If u recall in my post yesterday I gave my thoughts on the only reason why the NCAA would NOT choose REA for a frozen women’s Four… NCAA reps most be reading Brad’s blog because I specifically said that the Ralph was too Big and that Ridder was more personable…. Oh how I regret my 2 cents know! Shows ya how easy it is for their top level executives to copy and paste an idea. Plagiarism of the Sioux Fan Base’s private (well maybe not) hockey blog is what it is. NCAA= Dumbheads Faison is just baffled as he should be when asked by Katie about the situation. GO Sioux~

    1. erik

      I agree with you on using Ridder for the same reason. What was it a couple of years ago they wanted to play the girls state high school tourney games there? Some girls parents sued saying they should be playing at the X like the boys. They wanted to have it at the Ridder since it is a first class building and would have a full house enviroment. The X would have been playing in an empty house. Anyone who thinks GF would fill the place is nuts. If not for the Canadians the world junior games would have been low attendance games.

      1. noblindersonme

        Excuse us erik , but I don’t think any reasonable person is saying the Ralph would get ‘filled’ , but I think a half -filled Ralph is very feasible which would be a damn sight more entertaining and profitable and hockey-worthy than the probable near empty 9600 seat Missouri site! AND Missouri is far far far away from ANY Canadien fan base! Is that a factor? I don’t know but I sure think the Canadians who boosted the junior games would more than likely come to Grand Forks than St Charles!

  9. Sioux Fan3.0

    Erik, what in the F are u even talking bout’? Seriously I know it’s hard when u were dropped on your head as baby and woke up 15 yrs later next to Goldy but……

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