Adam: Disallowed Goal Was Correct Call

There was a lot of chatter on the live blog about the disallowed goal by Northern Michigan’s Mitch Jones midway through the third period. The goal would have cut UND’s lead to 3-2.

Instead, it was disallowed and UND killed the remainder of the Wildcat power play. Shortly thereafter, Paul LaDue scored a goal to put the game away.

The goal was waved off because a Northern Michigan player had both feet in the crease and he was visually impairing goaltender Zane Gothberg.

After the game, NCHC director of officials Don Adam confirmed that the correct call was made on the play.

Rule 73.1 states: “Interference on the Goalkeeper – A player of the attacking team may stand on the goal crease line or in the goal crease, or skate through the goal crease, unless, in the opinion of the official, the player is physically or visually preventing the goalkeeper from defending the goal.”

Northern Michigan coach Walt Kyle didn’t have any issue with the call after the game.

“I haven’t seen it, but the officials can see the overhead,” he said “I’m sure it’s legit.”

5 Responses

  1. Northdasotan

    As a Sioux fan I thought that was a goal. Sure he screened the goalie and may have been in the crease but he didn’t interfere with Zane. Poor call IMO.

  2. cfm

    Reading the rulebook it was the right call but that rule needs to be changed. Physical interference should be the only reason to disallow a goal in that situation. Brett Hull would probably agree.

  3. Maple Grove Sioux

    The officials got the call absolutely correct. The reason the rule is the written the way it is is because the goaltender is afforded every opportunity to use the entire crease to defend his goal. You can stand in the crease, you can screen the goalie, but as soon as you use space _in the crease_ that the goalie needs to defend his goal (whether visual or physical space), you have interfered with the goalie. Good job on this one refs.

    I’m guessing the reason this call came as such a surprise is the fine line between having your skate on the edge of the crease and screening the goalie (legal) and being IN the crease and screening the goalie (not legal).

  4. Sioux Fan3.0

    Maple Man couldn’t have said it any better. Replay clearly showed not 1 but 2 skates in the crease! As a goalie myself I cannot stand when people interfere withmy domain, there is a reason that shi@t is painted blue stay out

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