NCHC Goals Of The Week

Luke Johnson is at No. 4. WMU’s Justin Kovacs with a beauty at No. 1.

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  1. brianvf

    Disagreed on Luke’s being the nicest.
    He had the best snipe of the group but Kovacs was a darn pretty goal going between defenders before deking the goalie out of his pads.

  2. Drew

    How was the number one any different then Rocco in the Friday night second period when the puck went in before he ran into the goalie? I thought it was a goal and yes then a penalty because he didn’t avoid contact with the goalie

  3. ElkRiverSioux

    If you watched the replay the night of the game, one angle (not shown on the video above) showed that Luke didn’t cleanly beat the goalie. The puck deflected up off his blocker and into the net, still a great shot at a tough angle but that’s likely why it wasn’t any higher than #4.

  4. UNDfan

    The St. Cloud goal was certainly nothing special. Guy just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Not sure that should have even made it in the top goals.

    1. cfm

      I agree. There is no way the play that leads up to an easy goal that ties the game with 19 seconds left should be considered.

      I think Gage and Drake’s goals from Saturday and Luke’s from Friday should all have been top 5. The only nice one in the video was #1.

      Krushelnyski didn’t even have to beat any defenders other than the goalie.

  5. Tupa

    The Ausmus goal replaces Luke’s goal in my eyes. Better play and finish, shooting across the goalie, top shelf. Otherwise, I was impressed with the list. #1 is no contest. The St Cloud play was a dandy. I bet 8 out of 10 guys would take the shot rather than try hitting the player standing in the crease with a D and G in between.

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