USA-Canada Ends With Brawl

Here’s the ending to tonight’s game in The Ralph. Ten fighting majors were assessed, including ones to former UND stars Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux and to Warroad’s Gigi Marvin.

This is the second brawl between the teams in five pre-Olympic games.

The U.S. was irked at Brianne Jenner for an elbow high on Josephine Pucci late in the game. When Jenner got out of the box, Jocelyne body-checked her, starting the fracas.

Below is video of the incident and quotes.

U.S. coach Katey Stone: “I’m not a proponent of fighting in hockey. I am a proponent for standing up for yourself. If players are going to take cheap shots at our players, there’s going to be an answer for that. We will not get pushed around. We will, at the end of the day, prepare to play any game we have to play. We’ll go hard, we’ll play clean, but if the game gets out of hand, we’ll manage that as well.”

U.S. forward Monique Lamoureux: “That player that hit Pucci took her out for a season two seasons ago. She took a headshot at her. We’re going to stick up for our teammates. We’re going to protect them. Jocelyne obviously body-checked her. I thought that was clean. If you’re going to take a headshot at one of our players, there are consequences for playing like that.”

Canada coach Kevin Dineen: “That’s something that takes a little getting used to. That’s my first snap shot of this series. I know it has a lot of history to it. These teams have been going at it for a long time. You look at the incidents and they were certainly the aggressors. The ref certainly got the calls right. It was late in the game. I’m not a big fan of that stuff late in the game. But I like that when we were attacked like that, we all stood up for each other.”

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  1. tkk

    Wonder if Dineen is a fan of taking cheap shots to the head late in a game they are about to lose. That would be suspendable in the NHL

  2. Sparky

    LOL….you can tell the Lamoureux twins have had a little experience with this kind of thing. Think their brothers taught them a thing or two? LOL….this was great action, reminded of old time hockey… know, Eddie Shore hockey….

  3. Drew

    Brad, now that there is a break from College Hockey, let’s talk Olympics and former UND Men’s players along with other former college players. Who are your picks (full lines) for both US and Canadian teams? College players vs others? Oshie in or out? WCHA past players vs other college conference past players, etc?

  4. Redwingz19

    I hate to say it, but that hit that Jocelyne throws at the beginning of the video is a bit dirty. She rocked that girl head first towards the boards. However that doesn’t make up for the cheap shots Canada was taking the last part of the game.

    1. SWMNSiouxFan

      Hardly dirty, if that was a men’s game, we’d be saying it was a good hard, clean hit. Was it a penalty, yes for the ladies, but Jocelyn did that knowing she’d at least get a checking penalty.

  5. Seattle51

    Jocelyn’s hit was an intentional retaliation hit….if Canada wasn’t cheap shorting, that hit dosnt happen…..

  6. Nodak Fan

    That’s why you’ve got to love hockey! You could have the Sisters of Saint Francis suit up and by the end of the game someone in a habit would be raining blows.
    Men or women, the game is intense.

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