6 thoughts on “Zach Parise in college hockey ad

  1. It would be nice to see a series of ads done by some (or all) of the former college players that are wearing a “C” or “A” in the NHL

  2. I can’t think of a better representative of college hockey, other than the fact he left 2 years early. Oh well… I guess I also like the fact it pains goofer fans to cheer for him now he is on the Wild.

    • No pain here. I LOVE rooting for the MINNESOTA kids! …When do you think we might see a North Dakota native with a ‘C’ or ‘A’ on his NHL jersey? “Never’ is certainly a strong word, but this might be the one time that it is appropriate based on the stat eof youth hockey over there. :)

      • Once a Sioux always a Sioux! Youth hockey is just fine. Just ask the Potulny brothers that helped the Goofers win a national championship!

        • I think you mean the Potulny brother. That would be Grant. He was a Captain on the 02 and 03 National Championship teams at Minnesota. Ryan played the following three seasons (04,05 & 06) for the Gophers. He was part of winning a MacNaughton a Broadmoor and played in three NCAA’s, but no NC.

  3. Yes and 700,000 people in the entire state. Just a couple less than Minny. It’s a pure numbers game. Nice to know that The likes of Lou Nanne/Herb Brooks said go to North Dakota since they do a better job turning out NHL players. There likely will never be a North Dakota native wearing a “C or A” in the NHL. doesn’t bother me in the least. Let’s just agree to recognize that he’s a gifted talented class guy promoting college hockey

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